Matisse (for Kerfe)

The Museum of Modern Art has some of the most iconic Matisse works. To stand in front of them can take your breath away. I’m posting a few since Matisse is one of Kerfe’s (and my) favorite artists of all time. Here goes. 

And some other beauties: 


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11 responses to “Matisse (for Kerfe)”

  1. D.S. says :

    I love Matisse — love his use of color. Used to have a print that hung in the bedroom — boy do I miss it! Thanks for sharing these wonderful pics, 🙂


  2. kirkistan says :

    Wow that’s fun to look at. I like those.


  3. Jodi says :

    Very fun – thanks for sharing Nina!


  4. Teresa Robeson says :

    So cool! We just finished watching a course on art appreciation for the works at the Met and while these weren’t in there, he showed another Matisse that referenced the dance painting. Thanks for taking us on a tour with you!


  5. Eileen McKenna {my creative resolution} says :

    Awesome! I brought my kids there last year. They couldn’t believe they were looking at the real “Starry Night.” I want to take them to the Cooper Hewitt.


  6. Cathe says :

    Oh I love Matisse, everything about his art and his gentleman ways right down to his lovely signature. I went to his exhibit at the Moma and loved everything so much, so inspirational!


  7. memadtwo says :

    That piano painting is one of my extra-favorites…thank you Nina!


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