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Patterns 2: Gouache Resist

I tried another pattern painting, this time in gouache so I could do a resist on it. 

Here’s how it started out: 

And here it is after the Black Magic ink is painted on and then washed off. It washes off a lot of color and looks kind of sad: 

The fun part is going back in and going wild with color. I turned the purple blotches into roses of a sort. An enjoyable thing to do on a beautiful Sunday!

It’s Leap Day!

never be ordinary s

Time to dance!

Color and Pattern

Something a little different for me. It reminds me of my days as a colorist in the polyester print business many years ago. This was a fun piece and I think I may do some more of these. It’s larger than I usually do: 12″x16″, cold pressed Arches paper. 

Junk Mail Art: Call and Response 2

call and response 2 comp

Another comment on life inspired by Claudia McGill

I’ve been reading “Imaginary Animals” by Boria Sax, which is a goldmine of ideas, especially for my junk mail art.  The above creature on the right is based on the Iroquois monster Flying Head:  a giant head with wings instead of ears, long tangled hair, sharp teeth, and one set of reptilian arms or legs.  A little digging around online reveals a bunch of tribal stories about this man-eating beast.

In one, the Flying Head drove an ancient tribe away from its hunting grounds in the Adirondacks and the land was always afterwards considered cursed.  Three hotels have been built on that location; all have mysteriously burned down.

flyinghead ethnological drawing s

A common element in many tales involves a woman eating acorns roasted in a fire which is supposed to have finally driven the monster away, as it was scared of a human who could seemingly eat hot coals.  This drawing is the Bureau of Indian Affairs ethnographic sketch that sparked my interest.  Rather Edward Gorey-like, no?

Branches on the Tracks

A work drawing of some railroad tracks that are probably unused due to detritus on the tracks. 

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend, beautiful WP friends. 


reverie collage s

Meander in reflection,
merging sky land sea, shimmering
replica.  The ship stands calm,
silent in regard.  My mirror
breaks into the shiver of wind,
pushing me back through this day.

Margo Roby posted a painting by Monet for peaceful poetic response.  Monet and I have a long interaction via the grid…

reverie close up s

As to the poem, I had gotten a children’s book of sijo poetry out of the library (Tap Dancing on the Roof), and was interested to try the form.  Originally a Korean song in 3 lines, modern poets sometimes break it into 6, which worked better for me.  Numbers of syllables are involved, and the last line is supposed to provide a twist on the first two.  You can read more about writing a sijo here.

Self Portrait #12 Mask 2

self portrait #12b mask 2s

moon flying
day in disguise

silent flight
masking the night

Two Lantern poems (isn’t that a great name? and the shape!) as suggested by Jane Dougherty in her weekly challenge.

self portrait 12 masks 1 and 2 s

You may remember that I ended up leaving my self portrait #12 open for the insertion of new masks, and for this second one I used another Native American reference:  Northwest Coast raven moon masks.  Raven and Moon are important in tribal life.  Raven is the creator of light, a trickster who stole the stars, moon, and sun, and put them in the sky.  Moon, a transformational symbol, is both protector and spirit guide.

self portrait #12 vers 3s

The original mask was based on Hopi Kachina dolls.  I’m not sure if we’re still designating the 25th of each month as selfie day, but if so, why not a mask?

You can read the story of how Raven stole light for the world here.  And all the posts so far in 100 Self Portraits are here.

Adam Levine’s Back Tattoo 

Your daily dose of popular culture. It took Adam six months to get his tattoo. It took me twenty five minutes to do this drawing. Ha! Maybe I should learn tattooing. 

Here is his actual back tattoo. Really incredible detailing although I’m not a fan of tattoos.  



kalamazoo s

What is the color of mourning?
of empty spaces, and Where?
black, but it has no reply.
just questions and sorrow.
will remain unfilled,
killed.  More shots from another gun.

Another echo poem.

Woman with Cats

A goof off drawing in my work sketchbook (which is almost all finished) of a woman with her two cats and a bird on her hat. Because why not? 

I couldn’t find my trusty black felt tip pen. This drawing really needs a black outline.