Bordered Landscape 3

I haven’t done a gouache resist in a while. Started this a few days ago because you have to use a heavy layer of gouache and let it dry thoroughly. 

After it dries you paint the whole thing with Higgins Black Magic ink.  

Then you throw it in the sink and wash off the ink. The gouache resists the ink and you get a cool effect.  

Unfortunately I think the piece was better before I messed with it. I did go in with more silver and some other colors. Time to try again!

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20 responses to “Bordered Landscape 3”

  1. Jodi says :

    Wow – what a cool technique! love it!


  2. Sharon Mann says :

    Very intriguing, I like the happy results!


  3. memadtwo says :

    I disagree, I love it with the black.

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  4. Teresa Robeson says :

    I also think it looks great – more texture, more depth – with the black!


  5. Jill Kuhn says :

    Oh, I like it both ways! hehe! The first one is really bold which I love!!! And the second one looks more subdued but the black adds a dimension to it that I also like. 🙂


  6. memadtwo says :

    I like the dimension the black gives also. It’s a cool technique.


  7. Sand Salt Moon says :

    Before you used the black ink, I was thinking that you did an awesome job with the colors and how it almost had a feeling of shadows in the way that you positioned the two oranges below what feels like a window. It’s very architectural ! And felt three dimensional. Then I see something lovely in the second version, after the black ink – and that is the intensity of some of the pastel colors and the whole thing has a whole ‘nother beauty to it that can’t really compare with the first. It has a feeling of inlaid stone. Amazing!


  8. Laura (Createarteveryday) says :

    The last one is by far the best in my view. Really love it.


  9. artandmoondreams says :

    Fantastic result, very interesting and beautiful finished look. I could not help but notice the last photo looked like the landscape was upside down, but it could work I think. The beauty of abstracts. Great technique, thank you for sharing.


  10. Charlie O'Shields (doodlewash) says :

    I like this effect! I think it turned out great! I had never heard of this technique! Cool!


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