Anatomical posters

I love anatomy so when I saw these posters today I had to take some pictures.

The featured image is actually a painting. The artist is Alex Grey. Fantastic piece. Sorry about the reflections on the glass.

The digestive system:

I’ve never seen a women’s muscular system before. Cool!

Last but not least the nervous system. I really love these and hope you find them interesting!

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15 responses to “Anatomical posters”

  1. Teresa Robeson says :

    I love anatomy posters, too! I have one of the skeletal system that I love…but finding wall space for them can be difficult. I wonder how much the female muscular system differs from the male’s?


  2. Sharon Mann says :

    These are so cool, I love medical illustration. I’ll be zooming in to study these.


  3. memadtwo says :

    The top one is especially amazing!


  4. Elusive Trope says :

    O’ Nostalgia. I remember as a kid there were these books (or a book) which had image like the one for the nervous system, but it started out with the skin, then you peeled the plastic page back and one had the muscular system, then the nervous system, right down to the bones. No wonder I need therapy. :p


  5. kirkistan says :

    I’m with you. I love those posters.


  6. Nicola says :

    I’ve recently seen lots of anatomy art in wool and paper. Paper quilled versions are stunningly beautiful and their texture fits perfectly for muscle etc:


  7. Sunshine Jansen says :

    Really neat. I have two books on the anatomy of yoga and although I bought them so I would be less likely to injure myself if I understood what muscles and joints were involved, I honestly just like looking at the illustrations! Anatomy is pretty much endlessly fascinating.


  8. biomedheads says :

    Are you into anatomy coloring books? I love those!


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