Cutting up a painting

Kerfe suggested my last roses painting would make good cards. She always has good ideas so what the heck, I cut it up into squares. I made a couple. Then I did a grid of eight to make something else–still working on it. Here are two cards.  



24 responses to “Cutting up a painting”

  1. Teresa Robeson says :

    Kerfe is right, as usual! They do make lovely cards!

  2. Sharon Mann says :

    Great idea, lovely!!

  3. Scribble Fiend says :

    I’d say Kerfe was right, those are pretty cool cards!

  4. memadtwo says :

    Looks great Nina! K.

  5. Jodi says :

    awespme original Nina cards! LOVE them!

  6. Genie Geer says :

    Pop Art circa 2016! Luv them.

  7. Cathe says :

    Great suggestion! I love the cropped in card versions.

  8. Susan Feniak says :

    Great idea they look really nice.

  9. jeandrawingaday says :

    Great idea, I was chopping up prints today, I often see something different in the parts.

  10. Claudia McGill says :

    The parts can become greater than the whole, can’t they? Wow!

  11. artandmoondreams says :

    Genius! These look great…and it is always fun to send original art to friends. I have never been a cropper and your post is a sort of ‘light bulb’ moment for me…mind if I borrow? Thank you for sharing.

  12. Laura (Createarteveryday) says :

    They are terrific, this was a fantastic idea. I followed her words of wisdom once and was amazed how much more beautiful the cut up work was! These will make amazing cards!

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