My Lunch with Chef Eric Ripert

Kidding! But he was at another table at Del Posto, NYC where I enjoyed a birthday lunch with my husband. 

Del Posto is a high end joint for sure. I didn’t get any shots of the interior; let’s just say it is very special. Here is my sneaky shot of Chef Ripert.  

I usually have a slice of Ezekial bread with canned salmon for lunch. This was a three course affair. The slender baguette or ficelle came with a crazy spread made of butter, creme fraiche and some other stuff. It was probably my favorite item.  

All in all it was a beautiful day in New York with my favorite person (besides Kerfe). I’ll leave you with a parting shot of a lobster Caesar salad. The lobster is hiding underneath the grilled romaine.  

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15 responses to “My Lunch with Chef Eric Ripert”

  1. Susan Feniak says :

    Wowzers!! That is a fantastic looking birthday lunch! Lucky!!


  2. Jodi says :

    Wow – so exciting and fancy schmacy lunch 🙂


  3. Jill Kuhn says :

    Yum! Great photos! Happy Birthday Nina! :-)))


  4. Olga says :

    Very elegant lunch. The photos say it all. Happy Birthday! 🙂


  5. Sharon Mann says :

    Very classy bday lunch, food and the company!


  6. Teresa Robeson says :

    Name rings a bell…sadly, I’m more familiar with Food Network chefs than real chefs. 😉 So glad you had a nice birthday lunch! I’d love to have that lobster salad!


  7. Lynz Real Cooking says :

    Wow what a special day!


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