DOODLEWASH REVIEW: Homemade Travel Palettes

Lots of great tips in this post!


This post reviews homemade travel palettes.  I hope that they help you generate ideas for your own travel setup. People come up with ingenious things!

Make your own out of an empty Altoids, or other tins.  Besides empty watercolor pans, people use things like Fimo or Sculpey clay, and empty gum blister packaging to house the paint. I’ve seen people use upside down Legos, and circular lids to water bottles as pans. Eye shadow  or other make-up containers can also be used by popping the make-up out.

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2 responses to “DOODLEWASH REVIEW: Homemade Travel Palettes”

  1. Teresa Robeson says :

    Such an awesome series this is!


  2. ReyShelley says :

    This is a fantastic idea!


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