Dear Mother

I was always making things for my mother who appreciated my artistic nature very much. I found this little box I gave her after she died, dated 1963. I was 14. It really touched me that she kept it all those years. 

Inside there was a little felt book cover I made for her. I guess she never used it because it was still inside. I’m kind of glad about that. Homemade gifts are the best. Happy Mothers Day to all the great moms, stepmoms, grandmoms and in fact all women. Still raining here in NJ but looking forward to being pampered with waffles today. 


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31 responses to “Dear Mother”

  1. lorigreer says :

    So precious!


  2. Christine Wasnie says :

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing.


  3. Sharon Mann says :

    This is so dear Nina. Thanks for sharing this lovely mom story. My mom was the same.


  4. Charlie O'Shields (doodlewash) says :

    Awwww…sooooo sweet!! Love this!! 😍

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Carol says :

    Handmade gifts really are the best. It was a treasure for her. Lovely.


  6. outsideauthority says :

    How lovely it gave joy in 1963 and when it was returned to you


  7. jessevanwagner says :

    That’s awesome!
    Mom’s are the best.


  8. Laura (Createarteveryday) says :

    Aww I love it so much that she saved it and didn’t even want to write in the book. What a treasure. Happy Mother’s Day, Nina! Thanks for sharing this gift with us. πŸ’œ


  9. Michael Richards (certainline) says :

    So moving, Nina. A lovely post.


  10. memadtwo says :

    So wonderful, to discover your younger self, and that your mother saved it. Happy Mother’s Day! (K)


  11. Jodi says :

    So sweet


  12. Cathe says :

    What a wonderful gift, both box and book. Mothers are the best. Mine appreciated all my art/craft creations too.


    • memadtwo says :

      She was very encouraging. I remember she got me art lessons with a painter who had a studio in downtown Paterson. I think his name was Ciminello…now how did I remember that?


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