Bow Bridge

Another bridge drawing today. This one is in Central Park, NYC, and is quite lovely. 

I attempted a detail of the stone carving of the bridge. Drawing stone is pretty hard to do. This is interlocking double circles and it boggled my mind. 

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7 responses to “Bow Bridge”

  1. Susan Feniak says :

    Old stone bridges have so much character. Catching that detail is hard and you have done a wonderful job.


  2. memadtwo says :

    There are some beautiful bridges in the park. I like the close up…yes, how did they design such intricate intertwinings? (K)


  3. Laura (Createarteveryday) says :

    Not easy, but beautifully captured and excellent perspective too in that detail shot in particular. I so struggle with buildings, structures, getting the perspective right is to tough. Well done!


  4. artandmoondreams says :

    Nicely done. Bridges can be such complicated subjects, but you handled this quite beautifully…it feels like it is out of a fairy tale.


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