Junk Mail Art: Crow Says…

crow says s

this is the place s

For Jane Dougherty’s microfiction challenge this week, inspired by Van Gogh.


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16 responses to “Junk Mail Art: Crow Says…”

  1. Laura (Createarteveryday) says :

    What a fabulous take on a gorgeous work! Vincent would be proud. I’m always impressed with what you create out of junk mail!

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    • memadtwo says :

      Thanks Laura. I always go back to Claudia as the junk mail art queen. Although I’ve been using recycled magazines for collage for awhile, I had never thought to also recycle the mail.

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      • Claudia McGill says :

        And the good thing about the mail is – there is always a new and fascinating bit of material and delivered right to you, seems incredible. I’ll tell you something else, go to the post office, near the boxes, and people throw their junk mail into a big bin, I bet you, if it’s like my post office, and I – I grab some of it. Yes.

        Now, let me say how much I like this crow. And I also like how the colors refer back to the original, but with the added detail of whatever photo they came from. I find the combination of ideas fascinating, I mean the ideas that come from what the junk mail originally was. A kind of poem in itself, those ideas.

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        • memadtwo says :

          Being as it’s election season, I don’t see any shortage of junk mail in the near future.
          It is interesting, how much art can be made without buying anything more than glue. And, as you know, the particular references you find in that bin of things you’ve cut out and saved often guide what is created in strange and mysterious ways.
          A new adventure every day!


  2. colorpencil2014 says :

    Id say, you have improved on Vincent! I good start of my day here!

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  3. Sharon Mann says :

    Wow, super representation of Van Gogh. Have a super day.

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  4. merrildsmith says :

    I love this! (I think that sums it up.) 🙂

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  5. memadtwo says :

    Love that crow closeup. They are some of my favorite birds and this one is fine. N.


  6. Sunshine Jansen says :

    Never having even attempted this kind of art (something I really should rectify), I find these so deft and amazing. When you place these pieces, you really know instinctively “This is the place to do it”! And naturally I doubly love anything with crows AND inspired by Van Gogh…

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  7. Jodi says :

    Great impression of VanGogh! What’s the crow going to do? 🙂

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  8. artandmoondreams says :

    You create such great junk mail art! Love this piece and how connected in spirit it is to Van Gogh’s…there is a kinship and yet it tells its own story. Brilliant!

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