15 years


My brother wanted to go to the 9/11 Museum.

We paid our money and waited in a long line of tourists for our timed entry to the steel and concrete underground crypt, complete with a gift shop (which we steered well clear of) and endless tape loops replaying the day’s events.


The new glass and steel monuments to commerce surrounding the plaza, with its beautiful pools, enclosed the space above the museum.


I found this ad  from the NY Times of May 29, 2015, when I was cleaning a few weeks ago.  I must have saved it, intending to do a headline haiku, but it got lost in the shuffle.  Having visited the site, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.


There is nothing “free” about the Freedom Tower, or the museum.  Is this the best way to remember this day and those who died?

it lingers
in the dazzling morning sky
like air
surround this opening

remember to breathe


Let there be light, and air, and songs, and sky, and running water, and the living earth and new growing things.  That’s what I think.

Words courtesy of the Magnetic Poetry oracle, for the Elusive Trope’s Magnetic Poetry Saturday Challenge.

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26 responses to “15 years”

  1. Carol says :

    Amen to your lovely, gentle thoughts, Kerfe. PS: I can’t believe there is a gift shop, but in today’s world it shouldn’t be surprising, I guess. 🙁

    • memadtwo says :

      Thanks. It shouldn’t be, but somehow it still is…

      • Claudia McGill says :

        I think it’s tacky and tasteless, but it is also somehow comforting to me. Everyday life goes on and large and almost overwhelmingly heavy sadnesses smooth out with time’s healing hand. This poem is wonderful and healing (in a different way than the gift shop, of course, please) and I felt a sense of calm, reading it.

      • memadtwo says :

        The whole museum really made me uneasy. The reflecting pools are beautiful and meditative though (and free to all).

      • Claudia McGill says :

        I think memorial museums in general can be this way. They try too hard, or are too simplistic, or too hard-edged, and push at you. I agree, reflecting pools seem to me more the right thing for this memory, and no more is needed.

  2. Sunshine Jansen says :

    That is a prayer for the ages, Kerfe.

  3. rivrvlogr says :

    Well said, and well done. Somber without being morose. And definitely not commercial or gimmicky.

  4. Laura (Createarteveryday) says :

    Beautifully done and written, Kerfe.

  5. Elusive Trope says :

    “Let there be light, and air, and songs, and sky, and running water, and the living earth and new growing things.” I’m with you.

  6. Jodi says :

    Let it be – let us listen – let us breathe! Beautiful as always K!

  7. davekingsbury says :

    You marked the occasion well.

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