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Carrie Fisher

May the force be with you, Princess. 

Girl with blue eyes

Gouache and colored pencil on black paper. 

Peace on Earth

A very Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to my lovely WordPress family. 

Wishes for 2017


Fighting for good cheer.
Returning to warmth, friends, home.
Setting voices free.

Making sense without despair:
choosing with hope.  And singing.

Tanka using words, once again, from both Colleen’s tanka challenge and the Secret Keeper.

I used this old collage for my holiday cards this year.  Wishing, as always, for peace.

Here’s hoping we all find our wings in 2017.  Thanks to everyone for your support and encouragement.  Enjoy your holidays and see you in the New Year!

Gouache resist/squiggles

I haven’t done a gouache resist in a while. They are a lot of fun to do, almost like magic when you ink over the gouache image with Higgins Black Magic ink. That’s the only ink it works with. And it’s good to paint the gouache on pretty heavily as you wash off the whole surface under water. 

but keep in mind…





Part 2 of my response to Jane Dougherty’s prompt this week.


For Part 1 look here.

Blue and orange landscape

Done on black paper with gouache, colored pencil and marker. 

the answer is yes





Jane Dougherty titled her prompt for the week, below, “Rescue”.  But it made me think of the Jules Shear song “Who’s Dreaming Who”.


I think there may be more to say about this one too.









54 days until pitchers and catchers


(wait til next year)

baseball has a way…
five golden-armed young pitchers–
can this magic last?


spate of injuries–
hoped to skip only one start–
gone for the season


a sacrifice fly–
put him in the clean-up spot
veteran presence


first major league start–
sometimes faith is rewarded
pitched well yet again


eighth-inning rally
the ever calm elder sage
a pinch-hit grand slam


fastballs and sinkers
keeping the team in the game
seven shut-out innings


turn to the bullpen
(give up runs and you lose games)
his command was poor


bottom of the ninth
flyout to right, left, center
then it was over


baseball has a way…
the lingering question is–
(the silence in Queens)

All phrases in this haiku sequence taken from sports stories about the Mets in the NY newspapers during the final two months of the 2016 season.

Landscape with odd shape

I tried to use all the tools in the ArtSet app: paint,crayon, pastel, pencils etc.