Black Barbie

Here is the collage I purchased from Kerfe. It’s hard to get a good picture because there are so many small elements of this piece but this gives an idea. Very complex and wonderful! Thank you Kerfe!

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7 responses to “Black Barbie”

  1. memadtwo says :

    You did great managing the reflection in the photo. I’m so glad you’re enjoying it!! (K)

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  2. Jodi says :

    absolutely beautiful! And what a wonderful sharing from one BFF to another 🙂


  3. Sand Salt Moon says :

    Super powerful, I love the bottom with the two heads and the florishes … wow, glad you posted the closer-up photo so we can see more. Thanks, and enjoy this lovely Kerfe collage!


  4. kestrelart says :

    This is Kerfe’s? Wow. Wonderful powerful piece.


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