Plays With Planets


like a streaming cloud
this linear light
plays with planets
accessing alien forces
world of galactic fire
opened completely by space

I spent one sleepless night last month doing one magnetic poem after another.  I haven’t looked at them since, but I’m sure there’s plenty of raw material to play with once I get around to it.

This poem started as a collaboration between Nina and me, but she gave up, saying she couldn’t see where it was going.  I tweaked it over a few days, so I don’t know who contributed what–a collaboration, still, even if I had the final say.

And another Rorschach painting underneath.


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17 responses to “Plays With Planets”

  1. colorpencil2014 says :

    Great work, I am so happy you guys are back in the blog world. Loved all your new posts and wish I had more time to leave comments!! Xo Johanna

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  2. Jodi says :

    Love it. I’ll bet Nina does too. 😉

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  3. rivrvlogr says :

    This is fantastic. The words play so well with the painting. And, the placement of the last line is like turning narrow perceptions on their collective head to consider the greater world/universe.


    • memadtwo says :

      Thanks…Magnetic poetry opens words up in a different way I think. Juxtapositions my mind would never consider just seem to assemble on the page. A lot of my abstract watercolors end up looking like galaxies, so I didn’t have to search too hard for art to pair it with.

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  4. Bumba says :

    Planet means wanderer, so you wandered a bit from the Copernican model.

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  5. Jill Kuhn says :

    Love your background colors! And isn’t it wonderful to play with words?! 💜😃💚

    Liked by 1 person

    • memadtwo says :

      Thanks…these are old liquid dyes and the colors are so clear.
      And the magnetic poetry is really addicting. I get mesmerized just moving words around and trying them out different ways. Yes, fun!

      Liked by 1 person

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