Draw The Line is live: 120+ artists show positive political actions that anyone can take

Now this is a great idea…I just had to pass it along.

Myfanwy Tristram

As you may remember, back in October, I went for a run and came back with a glimmer of an idea.

Remind me not to go running again: that little seed grew into a project that has taken up every spare moment since then. But today, most of the hard work is over. Today we launch Draw The Line.

Draw The Line

It’s been astonishing to watch, as what I’d conceived as a modest small press project blossomed, and more and more comic artists came on board (139 of them at the final count). Every single one of them is a superstar in my books, but it’s perhaps worth mentioning the bigger names, just to underline how the project grew so much bigger than I’d imagined. So, look out for work by Rachael Ball, Hannah Berry, Kate Charlesworth, Hunt Emerson, Kate Evans, Karrie Fransman, James Harvey, Lucy Knisley, Dave McKean, Fumio Obata…

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17 responses to “Draw The Line is live: 120+ artists show positive political actions that anyone can take”

  1. Jodi says :

    Thanks for sharing! I got totally caught up in looking through this site for the past 30 mins!! 🙂
    Such a great idea!

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  2. merrildsmith says :

    Very cool!
    The posters done for the Women’s March on Washington are being displayed in a traveling exhibition. My daughter’s work (Megan Smith/ Repeal Hyde Art Project) was not one of the 8 posters selected for the march by Hear Our Voice, but her work was selected for the larger exhibition.

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  3. colorpencil2014 says :

    Thank you for sharing, its actually brilliant! xo Johanna

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  4. Chic Mona says :

    Splendid! Sharing across twitter this am with hashtag #DrawtheLineComics and tagging @DrawLineComics . Bravo!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Eileen McKenna {my creative resolution} says :

    How awesome to have an idea and see it through! 👏

    Liked by 1 person

  6. 10000hoursleft says :

    Thanks for sharing. I think it might become my favourite blog!

    Liked by 1 person

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