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Woven 2

This time I cut a painting on the paper cutter inadvertently leaving the first strip attached at the edge. This kept the original image somewhat together. 

It also made it easier to weave and to get a tighter weave. Here it is finished. 

I stuck the little squares I cut off down the sides. It’s not glued down though. I did glue down the first one on black painted watercolor paper. 

Here’s a closeup of the second one. This was the abstract I posted last week. 

I am thinking of doing some very small weavings for my greeting card supply. 


happy s

happy magnetic

Today’s Oracle poem and dot collage are in response to Sue Vincent’s photo prompt this week, “Shore”, below.

life thick and fertile
air listening
rocks murmur wind songs
water and light
clouds wander happy
without asking why



Self Portrait #19 (after Klee)

sp 19 comp

a mask
in my mind
always a surprise seen

fool_almost me magnetic

It may or may not still be Selfie Day, but I’ve been trying to get a portrait done for the 23rd of each month for my 100 Self Portrait series.  I’m on to a new artist to imitate, Paul Klee.  This is probably the most abstracted one I’ve done so far–I did my usual mirror pencil sketch and then smoothed it out to imitate Klee’s painting.  I think it still bears a strange resemblance somehow.

And of course I had to ask the Magnetic Oracle for commentary.

Fool (almost me)

I am almost me
listening to colors breathe
secrets laugh
red blue rhythm
born from liquid joy

As these windows open
who will fool
this naked heart?

And I actually managed to do the NaPoWriMo prompt today:  an elevenie poem.


Enormous Sleep

elaborate music s

enormous music magnetic 2

boat s

blue sea shines
in dream languages
a thousand winds rocking

light shows
elaborate music
chanting enormous sleep




The abstract from the other day: I cut it into strips and wove it. It reminded me of those loopy pot holders we used to make on the little metal frame. Those were fun! Anyone out there remember making pot holders for their mothers?

This was a good way to improve an ugly painting and I kind of like it. Here’s a closeup with it on black paper. 

Also a close up on white. The black is better I think. 

More There

more there comp 2

more there magnetic

The Oracle was feeling philosophical I guess.  Things do look different depending on context…

is this
like that
never about
more there?


The Lady in the Mirror

That face in the mirror
Who is that old lady?
Not too many wrinkles but tired,
Worn out, bad hair, no makeup.

That’s me
looking back at myself.
I barely recognize myself
but it’s me. Vestiges of my mother
and I can see my sister in me too.
They were young once, now they’re gone.

I’m still here,
Invisible as older ladies are
But inside I am young, vibrant, alive.

I was sitting at a planning board meeting in my town last night. The building where my husband has his medical practice is under contract with a large group and the application for a variance was being discussed; I went because I’m nosy and I wanted to find out what was happening with it. There was a ten minute break and I went into the ladies room. Either the light was terrible in there or I looked really, really bad. It was probably the latter. I barely recognized myself. Scary! but funny too.


Magic Wings

wings s


wings 2 magnetic

A collage and haiku for Colleen’s poetry challenge this week.

believe in the dance
wishes joined to starry wings
spirits drunk with sky


Postcard Fiction: What She Saw, Part 4

shift 1s

I’m interrupting my NaPoWriMo magnetic poetry series for a day to interject my response to Jane Dougherty’s Sunday Strange Microfiction Challenge from two Sundays ago.

shift words s

“How can you shift what would have been the border?”

shift girl s

This one folds out; it’s collaged on a political mailer I got for last fall’s primary election.  I’ve been wanting to try one of these for awhile, and the painting Jane posted worked perfectly.

Image result for burton barber suspense

It also continues a series of “What She Saw” responses to Jane’s prompts.

shift open s

I’m behind on Jane’s microfiction challenges, but the paintings are in a folder, and I’ll get to them as I have time.  The angels are on my mind for sure.

shift overlay s

Back to the Magnetic Oracle tomorrow.

shift comp


Birthday Poem

I was born on this day
pushed out by my mother
welcomed by my father, my grandfather
and all the ancestors before them.

Here I am,
68 years later,
no one left but me.
A loving family, problematic though,
two dogs, a messy house, a life well lived.

Who am I but a body in time,
a woman, an artist, a mother, a worker,
grateful to be here on this mortal coil.

And tonight I’m going to have soft-shelled crabs
for dinner!

Nina Wilson