July 2016

july 16 grid s

May your seas harbor
a transparent clarity
that mirrors your heart.

A grid and haiku for summer and July, using Colleen’s prompts for the week.

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24 responses to “July 2016”

  1. onecreativefamily says :

    Great way to start the weekend. Thank you.

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  2. Sand Salt Moon says :

    Yes, a wonderful way to begin the weekend … Thanks!!!

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  3. merrildsmith says :

    It sounds like a blessing. Lovely.
    The collage looks like a quilt square. I love the colors.

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  4. Jodi says :

    Oh Kerfe! A new fave of mine! Tell me more about this piece of artwork. How large is it? I would frame and hang this one! And write the haiku blessing on the back! What a beautiful gift this would be!!

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    • memadtwo says :

      Thanks Jodi! I was actually thinking of entering it in a competition, so your comment is an incentive to actually get myself together and do it. It’s small–8 1/2 x 11–so wouldn’t be too expensive to frame either. I like the idea of writing the haiku on the back too.

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  5. Colleen Chesebro says :

    I love your haiku and your artwork. Well done and a great take on the prompt words. ❤

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  6. Evelyn Flint says :

    Lovely colours and shapes – very nicely designed…

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  7. Betty Hayes Albright says :

    Beautiful and soothing colors. Love the haiku!

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  8. Claudia McGill says :

    I saw a labyrinth. You know how I love them. This is beautiful.

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  9. memadtwo says :

    Yes, enter it! It’s a winner.


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