Colorful bird/7/8/17

A bird using all colors in the watercolor paintbox. Happy Draw a Bird day!

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9 responses to “Colorful bird/7/8/17”

  1. Sand Salt Moon says :

    Colorful bird! And motivating prompt, I forgot about pant a bird day!!!!!

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  2. Sand Salt Moon says :

    Paint not pant…argh cell phone keyboards

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  3. Carol says :

    Such a happy fellow! 😍


  4. Jodi says :

    Magnificent colorful bird!!!


  5. Evelyn Flint says :

    A fabulous riot of colour – I get “happy, feel good” vibes from this painting, it’s lovely…

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  6. Betty Hayes Albright says :

    Makes me happy just looking at it!

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  7. merrildsmith says :

    So colorful and cheerful! It makes me think of pottery for some reason.

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