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Aquarium 2

Sitting around downstairs as opposed to up in the art room, keeping husband company and watching Master Chef and doing another drawing, this time on my iPhone. The ArtSet app for the phone is less sophisticated but I think this drawing is a little better anyway.


I haven’t done any drawing on the iPad for a while. Sitting around with my husband (he’s home sick) watching a documentary on autism and I started fooling around with it. I really want to get the iPad Pro with its magic pencil. Some of the things I’ve seen done with it are great.

Dragon’s Lair

dragon light and dark

Do you hear the voices
of dragons?  Do you dream fire
and water, treasure and storm?

Does your heart provide a mirror
to burn away the veil?

Again and again you seek the
fields of forgiveness, hand held
hostage by the lair of sleep.

A quadrille of dreaming for dVerse, using this week’s words from The Secret Keeper.

dark dragon s

The art is watercolor and ink on rice paper.

dragon light s

to start,

begin s

begin with
Being–the map turned
sky rising,
clear, empty, waiting to be
filled–calling you home

For Sue Vincent’s photo prompt, “Alone”, above.



A solitary figure sitting between two palm trees. Not sure where this one came from. It started as an abstract and I painted in the figure and trees within the frame. Painting and praying for my country. 

the verge of truth

on the verge s

the paths forsaken
the words unspoken, hanging
on the verge of truth

I wrote this for the Secret Keeper’s new Haiku Review challenge, but somehow it also seems appropriate for the general climate of the world right now as well…


Weekend painting

I like to start painting by laying down random colors and letting them drip and bleed. Stuff starts happening and it’s almost like a jigsaw puzzle. I added the Black Magic ink at the end (filling in the white space) and I think it brought the painting together. I hope everyone has a pleasant Monday. We have a beautiful day here in New Jersey.



swallowtail s

swallowtail magnetic

wings born sailing
on voices of air,
breathing sky and flowers–
heart wild and foolish
with desire

Of course I needed to consult the Oracle today about wings…

swallowtail 1s

spirits soaring magnetic

bloom for me
with light–
I need music
this morning
to dance wings
like flowers,
spirits soaring
on song

Illustrations are from the portfolio of old art I found.  These are from 1982.  I remember doing a lot more butterflies; perhaps they will turn up somewhere else.

swallowtail close up

Still (more questions)

still s

Does age bring wisdom?
I climb stairs I cannot see–
dark and light are still.

This haiku is a response to On the Road’s “Step by Step” prompt, and also includes this week’s words from The Secret Keeper.  Provoking another question, and another Rorschach (wings is the theme for the week).


Fooling around

I forgot how much I like Pelikan watercolors. They are very immediate in that you don’t need to put water on all of them first to “warm them up”, so to speak. They go on very easily and the colors are great. 
I did a brushstroke of each color and it reminded me of a bunch of heads. The drips were accidentally on purpose. 

My new Pelikan set. Highly recommend these if you’re looking for a set of pan watercolors.