Found object

When I saw this on the street I thought it was a fungus. I touched it: it’s rock. No idea what this thing is. Does anybody know?


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26 responses to “Found object”

  1. outsideauthority says :

    No idea, may be from a HP Lovecraft story? Looks scary and other wordly!

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  2. Gilles Labruyère says :

    Sandrose, we call it in French. I would normally find these stones of aggregated sand in deserts !

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  3. Carol A. More says :

    I’ll be darned, it looks like selenite! I have a rather large mineral collection and one that looks like that. Mine is labeled selenite (even though selenite can be other colors) and from Texas.

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  4. 10000hoursleft says :

    I went straight to the comments for an answer. Amazing!


  5. Victo Dolore says :

    Sand rose. I see I am not the first one to comment, though. 😉

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  6. memadtwo says :

    Wow this is so cool…(K)


  7. sheldonk2014 says :

    It happens to me all the time
    I guess we are lucky that way

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  8. debiriley says :

    wow, very cool, like a Sculpture! never heard of selenite…. google time LOL

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  9. Betty Hayes Albright says :

    Amazing! Wonder what it was doing on the street. 🤔 It’s actually quite beautiful.

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  10. Jodi says :

    Wow! how big is it?


  11. Rebecca says :

    Fossilised almond bar, obvs. 😉


  12. REcreate-RebeccaEvansCreate says :

    Great find I have a few large lumps of desert rose in my rock collection, 😀


  13. alethakuschan says :

    It really is gorgeous. What a lucky find!


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