Some Favorite Drawings and Jaywalk’s questions

Thank you Jaywalks for nominating us. Here are my answers to your questions:

Which one word describes your blog? Artistic

Is there a post you’re particularly proud of? I love bridges. I liked my drawings of the Williamsburg Bridge and others.

Any grand goals for the blog? I’d be happy if I could post more. I used to draw at work but can’t really do that at my new (corporate) job.

Thanks to Jaywalks for nominating us. Kerfe is the pulse of this blog and our driving force so I must thank her also.

Have a great weekend!

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For more madness, follow me on Instagram @h_zimel methodtwomadness is a blog of two friends, Nina and Kerfe kblog is Kerfe's solo branch on the tree

7 responses to “Some Favorite Drawings and Jaywalk’s questions”

  1. Sharon Mann says :

    Lovely city drawings!


  2. sheldonk2014 says :

    These are lovely drawings I should post some old ones of mine
    Sorry I’ve been a stranger
    But I’ve been hanging out
    In the left lane,As Sheldon Always

    Liked by 1 person

  3. memadtwo says :

    Good choice Nina! You know I love your bridges. I should do more drawing too…(K)


  4. Jane Dougherty says :

    Building bridges 🙂


  5. Léa says :

    I’ve always enjoyed bridges as they are a way to connect people. Some are well known to me from living in both northern California but also New York City. Bridges in Canada, and some amazing bridges in Vietnam. However, it is the bridges here in France that have stolen my heart.

    Liked by 1 person

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