Stories from My Life

Last year my daughter gave me a subscription to This company sends prompts for a year; you write your stories and save them. I enjoy writing and this gave me a reason.

It’s a nice book and writing the stories was fun.

Mom’s page.

Dad’s page.

The story about my Martin guitar and a photo of my friend Deborah and me. We had a duo and played at children’s parties.

A clipping from the Paterson Morning Call. My father had my sister and me save a box of snow. In July we took it out and Dad creates one of his famous PR moments. Funny!

One of the pivotal moments of my life: JFK’s assassination. I was a sophomore in high school sitting in art class when the announcement came.

Although I don’t think my daughter has even glanced at the book, I’m glad I did it. A good deal for $39, check it out at


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12 responses to “Stories from My Life”

  1. Jodi says :

    Love this so much!!!


  2. Gale Halpern says :

    Nina– So cool! Your creativity knows no bounds. Wish I could see all the stories (hmm … how DID you get your name?). Love seeing your parents, and young you & Jane. You & Deborah look so earnest. I must correct you re Kennedy assassination: we were high school juniors.


  3. merrildsmith says :

    Such a cool idea!


  4. Betty Hayes Albright says :

    Great idea! Interesting to see your photos and to read. I was a junior in high school, in journalism class, when we found out JFK had been shot. It was a turning point in my life also. Thank you for sharing this!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Jill Kuhn says :

    I will have to check out that site, sounds like fun! 😃


  6. memadtwo says :

    This is great Nina…share some more of the stories! (with illustrations) (K)


    • memadtwo says :

      Being my usual lazy self I didn’t include illustrations. You could publish through them. It’s a very high quality book. Print all your stuff for posterity : ).


  7. memadtwo says :

    You should do one, Gladys, for your grandkids. Bet it would be wonderful. N.


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