Monitor Roof, Paterson

Quiet at work last night and I had a chance to do a sketch: some old buildings in Paterson. I used to work as a real estate appraiser so I learned all the different types of roofs. You don’t see many of these nowadays.

I just found out my DNA: 90% Ashkenazi Jewish and 10% Sephardic North African Jewish. That 10% surprised me. Maybe that’s why I like the Ladino songs so much.

Beautiful day and the weekend is supposed to be great. Happy Father’s Day!


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11 responses to “Monitor Roof, Paterson”

  1. Claudia McGill says :

    I remember when I worked at the bank as a small business lender, I visited all kinds of buildings that my customers were housed in, and in Philadelphia there were many varieties, brand new stuff and then things built 150 years ago. I particularly liked visiting factories with the giant clerestory roofs. Your drawing made me think back to those days. Very evocative and true to life. Thank you.


  2. alethakuschan says :

    charming drawing, Nina


  3. kirkistan says :

    Groovy old buildings!


  4. Rsfhestates says :

    That roof is very rare at this time:) Last time I have seen it that was 10 years ago or more…

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  5. vatlieuxaydungsg says :

    it’s beautifull
    Báo giá xi măng xây dựng


  6. Diamond Jumbolon says :

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  7. toarvind123 says :

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  8. Arjun Sharma says :

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  9. Simple Transactions says :

    Yes Claudia you are right. This is Clerestory building. Last time I have seen this type of building that was 10 years ago. And now memadtwo is showing this. This is beautiful sketch.


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