Sorting through art

Since I gave my art room to my daughter I have done nothing. There is so much stuff to go through and I’m lazy.

Two jam packed portfolios. These are from the Container Store: quite nice. I stored in these the things I liked best.

Another pile on an abandoned computer desk. What do I do with all this? I’ve had the thought to just give everything away. There’s some good art in here but too much.

Lovely weather here in NJ. Hope everyone enjoys the weekend!

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13 responses to “Sorting through art”

  1. Leonie Andrews says :

    Always a challenge to know what to do with art. I have stacks stored, waiting for the day fame strikes 🤣


  2. Suzanne says :

    Having often had my art practice disrupted by family I can relate to your problem. What I do is give away some to clear the log jam. I find when I do that I can go and visit people years later and find they treasure something I thought of as junk.
    I’ve learnt from hard mistakes to keep what I feel is the best or that which took me to the most interesting places. I reuse a lot as journal collages when life takes another turn and I get back to art making.
    I do throw out heaps though but not before I’ve gone through it. These days I’m finally learning not to be too rash with that and to take my time. I find the culling process can be very cathartic though and does contain the seeds of the new creative direction..
    All the best – it is weird when a flow stops abruptly and a new direction takes a while to reveal itself.


    • memadtwo says :

      I find it difficult to throw stuff out. When I get it back together I may cut some up for other uses but there is so much (some going back years). I really would like to think of a way to distribute to folks who might enjoy…thanks for your kind message!

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      • Suzanne says :

        Another thing I do is bind some papers together to form small books. Japanese stab binding works well for this. Some of your stuff I have seen lends itself to that process. I was thinking about your I Ching images just the other day. They were compelling. Ditto more recent ones I saw with hanging threads – those would look good framed.


  3. Jane Dougherty says :

    My mother had a few things framed and threw the rest away. I don’t know why, except that she didn’t have much self-confidence. She and her mother were destroyers of the past rather than hoarders.


    • memadtwo says :

      That makes me rather sad. Was it her own artwork?


      • Jane Dougherty says :

        Yes. She was an artist but came from a milieu where you just weren’t. My mother was small, fragile and her family was poverty-stricken, but she had incredible determination. She went to art school at a time when only affluent kids could think of doing that because there was no job at the end of it. Her teacher decided she was exceptional and entered her for the Royal Academy. She was turned down on very spurious grounds—my granddad said it was because of her (Irish) name and her teacher tended to agree. She went to a regional art school in the end and taught but carried on with her own work (she did a lot of textile and collage work), almost secretively, as if it wasn’t important.


  4. memadtwo says :

    So good to read your posts! Thanks! I smiled to see Jane so happy.
    I promise to get something up tomorrow to go with the haiku Freya is posting.


  5. sheldonk2014 says :

    My Dr wants to see my work that I framed to possibly put in her office very exciting………how’s work kefer


  6. sheldonk2014 says :

    Yes I live rite outside of Trenton on the PA side it’s called Morrisville


  7. Jules says :

    I am the same with my writing – a different art (I dabble in other mediums too). Our creations are a part of us and hard to toss. You could take photos of your art and create books if for nothing else your memory. The photo books at the local drug stores are only about 15-25 dollars bound rather nicely and you could get more than one photo/art piece on a page. It would be time consuming at first. But I think less space in the end and you’d have a reference if you gave away your art or cut it up for another use. Less space, and less guilt if you do toss a piece that you really didn’t like. Because we never really are good judges of our own stuff. Good luck.

    NJ weather is similar to PA weather. Last weekend was the first dry one in a long while 🙂

    Nice to read you at Pure haiku. ~Jules


  8. kestrelart says :

    Good to rethink the artistic process perhaps?
    Abandon the art room and only draw outside?


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