Portrait. Grade: F

I posted this sketch of my cousin and his family a couple of weeks ago.

I started putting color in and doing the faces. It looked so bad that I printed the original photo, cut out the faces, glued them on and proceeded to totally mess it up.

They look like zombies. And they are a very cute family. So I messed up and I graded myself: F.


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20 responses to “Portrait. Grade: F”

  1. Janice says :

    I don’t know if the portrait looks like your subjects but I enjoy your results…the colours really transformed the original sketch.

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  2. megaeggz says :

    Yeah it is super unsettling i love it


  3. Patty Thurlby says :

    oh you are too hard on yourself. Your work is quite whimsical!


  4. memadtwo says :

    Definitely strangely wonderful. The contrast is great. (K)

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  5. V.J. Knutson says :

    The end result is interesting, creative. Not so bad as you think.


  6. kestrelart says :

    I like your work here and that you posted it.
    Since you have graded yourself, do you want a critique?


  7. Carol says :

    But you should receive an A for creative experimentation!


  8. Leonie Andrews says :

    I really like it. I can understand you wanting the work to reflect how lovely a family they are. But if you didn’t know them you might not be so harsh on the result which I find very creative and immediately appealed to me (and I don’t think they look like zombies).


  9. Khadine Beckford says :

    I like both…thats why it’s art! No right or wrong, it’s your creation…uniquely done your way!


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