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revisioning_watcher s

Trespassing, I sleep
in the underneath, reversed,
bedimmed, unlanded

by growth darkened with endings–
upside down, planted in stone.

For Sue Vincent’s photo prompt, above, and Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday words, synonyms for change and defy.

watcher close up s




I let the drips take me where they wanted. Two green and friendly monsters emerged.


exposed mandala s

Go you darkened, alive,
in silence growing—
go you as wildness
mingling with earth and trees,

holding the sky open
to the wind, seedlings flying,
rooted in air.

Dance you as water falling,
as a jewel crowning–
dance you as the shadow
released to the circle of light,

undressing the stars down
to the bones, falling like moonlight
covered in crystalline wings.

sun caught in trees

For Sue Vincent’s photo prompt, above.

exposed mandala close up s

I’ve been reading Pablo Neruda…




Colt Gun Mill (version 3)

A simplified view and I ran out of room- the paper wasn’t big enough. Or I painted it wrong. The church steeple is not in this one and I think I miss it.

Last week of summer has arrived. It’s a nostalgic time, seeing the kids go back to school and the leaves falling. Time marches on.

Colt Gun Mill/in color

I like it better this way : ).

Colt Gun Mill

Another old Paterson site. I just finished it so thought I’d post it now. I may paint in some color later. Have a good weekend!

Severed Synapse

nuclear brain s

I wear myself inside out. My mask is hidden; my thoughts scriven mysteriously in code.  Sleep returns me to my origins.  I fall, resisting, afraid to let go.

I get up and it’s yesterday, dreary and inexact. Memories come together and instantly fall apart.  I am unbuttoned from the brain down.

All those rituals, the names and places, surrounding me lost and confused. No one can count them.  No one can say when or how they disappeared.

completely unfilled,
outlines stand centered between
never and not now

living vanished s

For Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday, a haibun using synonyms for sad and write. The top artwork is actually part of the stitching for a totally different project.  It’s done on iridescent plastic paper, and the scan makes it look brain-like I think.  The collage above I did awhile ago, but it also seemed to fit.

The mind is a delicate balancing act, always.

Pulling Colors from the Sky

pulling colors wht s

Belonging to nothing
spare and straight
in stillness

Spare and straight
like dusk falling
listening for the stars

Like dusk falling
on a butterfly
listening for the stars
across whispered air

On a butterfly
across whispered air
beyond desire

in stillness
beyond desire
belonging to nothing

A pantoum for Sue Vincent’s photo prompt, above.

butterfly close up 2s


Weekend drawing 8/20/18

I’m fascinated by the old photos of Paterson that I come across here and there. This was the Procreate version. I’m getting better at it.

This was the first attempt. Very abstract.

Sketch in gray pencil and regular graphite. I think I like this one the best.

Here’s the original photo. I’m not sure of the year but 1890’s I think.

Those long buildings are textile factories or other manufacturers.

Tree. 8/17/18

A small painting I had going. I’m out of the large watercolor paper but will get some and continue with the abstracts.

One of the best. Her improvised “Nessun Dorma” at the Grammys was genius. And she made Carole King cry when she sang “Natural Woman” at the Kennedy Honors. R.I.P. Aretha Franklin.

Have a good weekend!