ProCreate and sketching

Fooling around more with ProCreate. This one I did, printed it out in color and drew over it.

A sketch of some dancers out on a lawn.

A cold but welcome weekend here in Northern NJ. And as a bonus the sun is shining–always good.

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13 responses to “ProCreate and sketching”

  1. Dave Kingsbury says :

    These are fun – some of that weather would be nice!


  2. D. Wallace Peach says :

    I love the expressions around the campfire. Fun and full of personality. 🙂 Happy Creating!


  3. bewbob says :

    I haven’t tried Pro Create yet any tips?


  4. Leonie Andrews says :

    I like the campfire one and there is no rule that you can’t work on it once it’s printed out.😉 I really like that it has ‘texture’ too the lines – but then I’m not a fan of the hyperslick sketch.

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  5. Sharon Mann says :

    Great idea to paint to print out a Procreate sketch and add your own lines of art. I love all of the layers.


  6. Melba Christie at Poemattic says :

    Will definitely try this technique. How are you? Miss you. Happy New Year to you and the Doc.


  7. navasolanature says :

    Looks impressive and good idea to add depth by drawing over it. Will look into procreate.


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