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enso s

mind troubled with images
brush full of ink–
becoming empty

For the final day, NaPoWriMo asks for minimalism in word and gesture.

You can read about the Enso here.




shaded s

I’m standing
not in the way but
here somewhere
yet not quite ready for this
trough that releases

revacating the
I borrowed time
from all those appointments with
destiny, unkept

the scar, make room for
new bloodveins,
roots, branches,
a forest to surround, sing
alive alive-O

what strange things fortune
could reveal
in its own
time, centered in a place where
the lines intersect

For Sue Vincent’s photo prompt, above, and NaPoWriMo Day 29(!) a meditation on one of my many states of being.

shaded close up s



O! none but

O none but s

silence parched and
depleted even of rage,
refutations to give to death’s
denial of the eternal–
which shiver stands distilled, concentrated, cold?

Today I used yesterday’s NaPoWriMo prompt, to make Shakespeare’s sonnets our poetic inspiration.  I wanted to do a Golden Shovel poem–I like them, and I haven’t done one in a long time.  The line I used was from Shakespeare’s Sonnet XIII, “and barren rage of death’s eternal cold?”

o none but close up s

What is a Golden Shovel?  you can read about it here.  And do read both Gwendolyn Brooks and Terrance Hayes as well.




surrounded s

surrounded magnetic s

I consulted the Oracle this morning and ended up with a Lai poem, the featured form at dVerse for May.  The rhymes are pretty slanted, but the message suits this fine morning that has cleared from grey to breezy blue.

surrounded close up s

I’m posting this for NaPoWriMo, but I may try the Shakespeare prompt later if I have time.


Poem up at Ekphrastic Review

under the black sun s

My poem “Under the Black Sun” is included in the responses to Jenn Zed’s work, “Louisiana Zombie Afternoon” at the Ekphrastic Review.  My thanks to guest editor Jordan Trethewey and Review editor Lorette C. Luzajic for selecting my poem and supporting the call and response of poetry and art.  You can read all the poetry and see the original artwork here.

a formula for zero

a formula for zero s

quick and not yet dead
these visions that hover
inside the unconsciousness of my head
an expanding screen of color

these visions that hover
a journey of blood and cells
an expanding screen of color
orbiting in waves and spells

a journey of blood and cells
the Other I am not
orbiting in waves and spells
multitudes circulating beyond thought

The Other I am not
shrinking in sense and form
multitudes circulating beyond thought
synapses returning unborn

Shrinking in sense and form
inside the unconsciousness of my head
synapses returning unborn
quick and not yet dead

a formula close up s

NaPoWriMo asked for a repetitive poem, perhaps a pantoum…



and its shadow

and its shadow s

Opening my eyes
in the morning this day
into grey light
black branches suspended
between my window and the sky–

the calendar says spring
as I pull the comforter closer
and my thoughts wander
into the kitchen.

My body soon follows
the promise of coffee
warming bare feet
cold floor
distracted mind–

Looking out now–
is that a robin?
No, a sparrow, still–
but the blue jay tells me
he’s somewhere close by.

When will the world reverse
itself, green, full once again
of uncontained expectation?

I sip my coffee,
the aroma comfortable,
Its bitter taste
sharpens my mind.

There’s a black hole
covering the front page
of the news.

Oh yes.

No surprise there.

and its shadow close up s

NaPoWriMo wanted a poem about a season and our senses and a question.  This came from notes I wrote the morning early in April that I picked up the newspaper outside to see a photo of a black hole taking up the entire top half of the page.




clouds s

clouds increase, decrease–
signs of change thickening–
sky moving higher

Today the prompt for NaPoWriMo was to open a reference book to a random page and make a poem from what you found there.  I chose to do a blackout poem from the page I opened in my Encyclopedia of Superstitions which was the one that included “clouds”.

clouds close up s

We have a clear blue sky here in NYC though.  I will enjoy running my errands today!

clouds blackout s



Crow Takes My Hand

crow tree s

Crow calls to me from above. There he is—on that roof.  He extends his invitation again and again.

leave sidewalks behind–
rise, and conjure golden fields
waving to azure

skies filled with high flying clouds,
wings singing songs into the air

I know there is magic here, even in places filled with concrete and glass.

Holding out my arms, I wish: carry me home.

watching my child-self
lying in a bed of green–
opened up, shining

crow tree close up s

For NaPoWriMo today, we are talking to animals.  Crow is always hanging around in my world.



Emily and me on a merry-go-round in France. I enjoy working from old photos that I find. This is probably from the early nineties.