Wayfaring Stranger

wayfaring stranger s

It wasn’t heaven above surrounding me like stars
on a distant shore—I wasn’t a memory like stars

I had not become a child swimming in the sun, a sleepy
summer afternoon of endless play, swinging free like stars

Hovering in the form of an invisible crown,
it was not a hurricane holding its eye to me like stars

I was not a journey through the tunneled darkness
following the trail of all things hidden ghostly like stars

Becoming what I yet wasn’t, I crossed everywhere–
in a nameless endless shedding of all identity—like stars

A poem of wandering for Ammol at DVerse, in the current featured poetic form, ghazal.  I find the form to be somewhat awkward, but I’m beginning to think maybe that’s the point of it.  It mirrors the thought process.  Or maybe I just need more practice at writing them.

wyfaring stranger close up s


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50 responses to “Wayfaring Stranger”

  1. Jodi says :

    wow! deep!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sharon Mann says :

    “Becoming what I yet wasn’t” reminds me that sometimes I’m already where I need to be but I haven’t realized it. Your words and art encourage me to “wander” about today.

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  3. sarahsouthwest says :

    I love those last two lines. Do you know what this made me think of? I heard Rob Delaney on the radio the other day, talking about his son who died, and his daughter who was born after his son died. He said that during the pregnancy he was comforted by the idea that the children were together somewhere, and that was the only time his daughter would meet her brother. It was very moving, and this poem brough it back to me somehow.

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  4. Björn Rudberg (brudberg) says :

    To have the possibility to watch the stars is something i would love… they can guide you right to where you belong.

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  5. rivrvlogr says :

    “a memory like stars”
    They are, aren’t they? That is their essence. And we associate so many memories with them.

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  6. anmol(alias HA) says :

    This exploratory wandering speaks so wonderfully about this sense of self-discovery — the star refrain makes a point as well. I too loved the closing couplet. 🙂

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  7. Nathan AM Smith says :

    Thanks for sharing this! I love how the images move through the piece.

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  8. Claudia McGill says :

    I love the painting with (I imagine) little stars circling it with their trails (didn’t say it was correct astronomy!). And how their journeys intersect.

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  9. Gay Reiser Cannon says :

    I’ve read this a couple of times. I will read it several more I think. There is something sublime about the various scenes and there is ambiguity in the choices and in the arrangement of them. I read a few other comments and was interested to read those interpretations. ]

    felt this was very abstract, much like your illustrations. It felt somewhat surreal and at the same time ethereal which frankly I think is hard to write. So this is an achievement and it’s unique. I like poetry that isn’t easy and this isn’t. I may write more after contemplation.

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  10. petrujviljoen says :

    I get the sense you touched the tip of the (melting) iceberg, which soon will be a memory, a light left of what was.

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  11. Rosemary Nissen-Wade says :

    Poignant, vivid images.

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  12. jazzytower says :

    What a wonderful way to think of it. The heart does find a way to cope, doesn’t it.This have me the chills too.


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  13. Olga says :

    Such a wondrous image, Kerfe. It feels like it’s rotating. ❤

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  14. Grace says :

    I can sense that loss of wandering around. Still, there is a sense of becoming, like in your last couplet:

    Becoming what I yet wasn’t, I crossed everywhere–
    in a nameless endless shedding of all identity—like stars

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  15. Jane Dougherty says :

    You say you find the form awkward but the words flow regardless. And that painting is beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

  16. msjadeli says :

    Kerfe, I love how you explain what isn’t in your search in the process of becoming. The light touch as you wander is like a gentle breeze on the skin.

    Liked by 1 person

  17. 10000hoursleft says :

    This is so beautiful Kerfe. It takes me to the many moments as a kid, riding at night in my parents car, looking out into the dark sky and trying to understand what came before, and before that etc…I used to go into a meditative state. I would love to print both your image and words and frame them. Is that okay?

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  18. Anna says :

    I like the way this poem expanded and contracted, at times intimate and familiar and at others awestruck and universal. The painting works perfectly with your ghazal.

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  19. Gay Reiser Cannon says :

    Very strange. I read your poem and was sure I had commented, but I don’t see it here. Perhaps I didn’t hit the “post” button. Interesting twist at the end. You contemplate but are not defined by the “stars” even though we seem to have taken a journey through them. I am intrigued, not sure it’s quite what a ghazal form seems to be; but certainly one may take one’s own direction and you did here. Nonetheless, it shows skill and considerable thought.

    Liked by 1 person

    • memadtwo says :

      There’s a lot of comments, you were in there but it could be easy to miss. Interesting to get your second viewpoint, slightly different than the first. I think everything we read (and write for that matter) depends a lot on our current context, so that’s not surprising. Thanks!

      Liked by 1 person

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