Draw a Bird Day: Nightingale

nightingale 1s

I follow you
into the dark crescendo
of sleepless nights

nightingale 2s

I was inspired to draw a nightingale by Rose Ausländer’s beautiful elegy, “My Nightingale”.

Once upon a time my mother was a doe.
The gold- brown eyes
the grace
stayed with her from the doe-time.

Here she was
half angel half human –
the middle was Mother.
When I asked her what she would have wanted to be
she said: a nightingale.

Now she is a nightingale.
Night after night I hear her
in the garden of my sleepless dream.
She is singing the Zion of the ancestors
she is singing the long-ago Austria
she is singing the mountains and beech
forests of Bukowina.
Cradle songs
my nightingale
sings to me night after night
in the garden of my sleepless dream.


Once again, Draw a Bird Day is holding the fort at memadtwo, hoping Nina will be back soon.

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37 responses to “Draw a Bird Day: Nightingale”

  1. jazzytower says :



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  2. weisserwatercolours says :

    …..the narrative is as touching and charming as the lovely renderings

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  3. Art Snehal says :

    Beautiful bird illustrations Kerfe, Happy DABD!

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  4. D. Avery @shiftnshake says :

    Hi Kerfe. I don’t know if you noticed that the Saddle Up Saloon (at Carrot Ranch and run by a couple of my characters) is looking to feature visual art/artists next week. There’s contact info there or at shiftnshake if you are interested in showing or linking any of your work. I have enjoyed your birds and your collages at your other site.

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  5. davisbrotherlylove says :

    Beautiful again, Kerfe. If you get a chance, listen to The Lark Ascending by Raef Vaughn Williams. You won’t regret it.


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  6. Phil Cooper says :

    Wonderful! A bird a day is such a lovely idea 😊

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  7. judeitakali says :

    This is so beautiful, it really drew me in and left me with a smile

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  8. João-Maria says :

    Nightingales, or «rouxinol» in Portuguese, are immense symbolical birds here in Portugal. I grew up inside a mountainous protected area (our house was there before it became protected), and hunters couldn’t occupy the areas surrounding the mountains. We had so many eagles, magpies, owls and crows, my father could never raise poultry, since they would snag the chicklets. Every mourning, a Jacaranda tree in front of my window had a swarm of nightingales, goldfinches and blackbirds, which all competed in the lambent and profound sonorific warfare, charged with the weight of levity, treacly with the veins of motion and rising. I’m in a city now, but I miss them deeply.

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  9. Jane Dougherty says :

    Thank you for this, pictures and poem. I needed both today.

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  10. boundlessblessingsblog says :

    Profound and beautiful poem Marta and I loved your drawings too good. The nightingale is superb

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  11. calmkate says :

    beautifully haunting, the sketches are lovely and your poem adds an awesome dimension!

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