Rocks for a Pandemic

Kerfe encouraged me to post the rocks I’ve been painting and distributing around my neighborhood. It makes me happy to think of a kid finding one and smiling.

A large rock I did for a friend’s garden. It’s a memorial rock for his son who died a few years ago. He liked it.

I don’t have any of these rocks in my possession now but people are starting to bring me rocks. My friend in Dallas sent me some and my neighbor brought back a big bag from Montauk.

It’s been a rough few months. I work in the medical field and every day I’m talking people down from the ledge. I hope everyone is doing okay. I will try to continue posting as often as I can. Stay safe!

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26 responses to “Rocks for a Pandemic”

  1. philgomm says :

    Up on my attic windowsil, I have a stone painted with a pheasant that belonged to my grandmother. It’s always been a thing of comfort.

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  2. memadtwo says :

    Yay! They glow. (K)


  3. weisserwatercolours says :

    …..not only are you professionally reaching out, you are doing so as a neighbour and a friend, Nina, with these beautiful little wonders

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  4. Claudia McGill says :

    I am so happy to see you again here, and I LOVE your painted rocks. I know 100% anyone who sees one, who takes one home, who admires it and leaves it for others, everyone will have a smile on their face. You put one on my face! Thank you.

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  5. Tom Donovan says :

    Hey Nina… Love your rocks… and the idea of the wonder, marvel, and joy each gives to its finder… Tom

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    • memadtwo says :

      You are most generous. I don’t know about wonder and marvel…they are just rocks, but I do put my heart into them and I love my neighborhood (especially the little kids).


  6. Art Snehal says :

    Wow 🤩 loved how beautifully you painted these pebbles and rock. Use of different colors definitely made it cheerful. Yeah hanging in there. Stay safe.


  7. Jane Dougherty says :

    They are so cheerful, and the feel of a smooth pebble in the hand is comforting. Maurice’s rock is a real beauty. The colours remind me of Russian painted Easter eggs.
    If I was a child and found one, I’m not sure I’d dare touch it. I’ve be afraid it had been left there intentionally, that nothing so beautiful could have been left for anyone to pick up.

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  8. merrildsmith says :

    Beautiful rocks. Like Jane, I don’t think I’d pick one up, but they would certainly make me smile with pleasure.

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  9. rivrvlogr says :

    These are awesome. It’s nice to know that you can bring cheer to others.


  10. Janice says :

    Thanks for sharing your rocks…they’re wonderful 🌼


  11. Gale Halpern says :

    Nina– I’m so glad to see you and your beautiful work back on this site. (Thanks to Kerfe for encouraging you!) Seeing the photos of the colorful rocks brings joy; it must be wonderful for folks in your neighborhood who happen to encounter them. Your work and intention are very heart-ful. Your art is an important balance to the challenges of your day job. Your contributions in both realms are important.


  12. Bela Johnson says :

    My little great niece found one somewhere in So. Cal. Really made her day! Paint on …


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