The Kick-About #6 ‘A Field Guide To Getting Lost’

The latest Kick-About offering featuring my labyrinths and lots of other wonderful creations as usual.

Red's Kingdom

Arguably, all previous Kick-Abouts have been a response to this same prompt, courtesy of Francesca Maxwell, with each resulting showcase of work offering a guide to the ways in which different people take unpredictable journeys into new and unexpected terrains. As is attested to by a number of the works in this edition, ‘getting lost’ is never about losing time, but rather gaining experience.

Charly Skilling

“When I started thinking about this prompt – about how you plan a trip, about what can go wrong, about getting lost – I was reminded of this bit of family lore which is often trotted out at our family’s events: the day mother went to Shrewsbury and got lost.

It was actually in the mid-90’s (Cadfael was a very popular mystery television series at that time, based on the books of Ellis Peters) but everything about Mum’s story was reminiscent of…

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4 responses to “The Kick-About #6 ‘A Field Guide To Getting Lost’”

  1. philgomm says :

    Cheers, Kerfe!


  2. msjadeli says :

    Kerfe, you are not going to believe this, but the friend I took a walk with today, where I discovered 3 ginkgo trees on a city street, and I were talking about labyrinths today. She just moved into a new (to her) condo downtown that is across the street from a church that has its own labyrinth that it opens up to the public every quarter. Looking at your artistic labyrinths I wonder why I never noticed before that labyrinths look like brains? I love the concepts you’ve used. The one with the map is ingenious. The owl one needs to be matted and framed and on someone’s wall. The one where the colors change as one traverses the labyrinth is so awesome as that’s probably how the energies move while you’re in there. The stitched one with color outlines is beautiful. Did I miss any? (can’t see them right here.) Congratulations on being featured in The Kick. Have I told you lately that you’re amazing?

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