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Pandemic painting

This painting has been in progress for a few weeks. There was a large pink area that I didn’t know what to do with. One sleepless night I thought “tornados” so I put them in. Turns out it looked better upside down so the tornados are more like giant trees.

I am going to try to paint some tornados next, though.

The Kick-About #11 ‘Trappist 1e’

An escape from your too-familiar four walls to the distant galaxies of imagination…

Red's Kingdom

By way of a preface to this week’s Kick-About, some info courtesy of Judy Watson: “TRAPPIST-1e is one of the most potentially habitable exoplanets discovered so far. Your descendants may be living there one day. It is similar to the size of Earth and closely orbits a dwarf star named TRAPPIST-1 which is not as hot or bright as our sun. One side of TRAPPIST-1e faces permanently towards its host star, so the other side is in perpetual darkness. But apparently the best real estate would be the sliver of space between the eternally light and the eternally dark sides – the terminator line where temperatures may even be a cosy 0 °C (32 °F).”

Our last run-around together in the company of Joseph Cornell encouraged many of us to journey inwards; this week’s creative responses are beaming back from many light-years further away!

Emily Clarkson

I’m not really sure how to explain…

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9/28 and still painting rocks

I stayed out of work today to observe Yom Kippur, the day of atonement. I wanted to get a batch of rocks to post because I’ve been pretty good about posting on Monday. And I’ve made it by 45 minutes.

I also finished a painting tonight I think. I’ve been working on it for a few weeks and it started coming together. I will post it tomorrow.

To all, I wish the best. Nina

Weekend work 9/21/2020

It was a nice fall weekend here and I did some art work: a couple of paintings and another batch of rocks.

You can’t really tell but I painted these rocks a dark gray, not black. They need one more coat of matte fixative and then they’ll be ready to give away. I keep some in my drawer at work to give out. People are surprised when I hand them one.

Hope it’s a good week for everyone. Nina

Saturday Morning September 19, 2020

I did this painting for a prompt (which I later altered and will post at some point), but it works for this message from the Oracle today.

death aches us
in black chants

she whispers:
do not ask me
to stop time

watch the sky–
her ship is a light
singing through the moon

in the language of
a shining wind

May our actions and words continue and honor the legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Another from the subconscious

This rock has been sitting on my table for a few months now. It wasn’t until I posted the drawing of three figures that I realized this rock was also a representation (however subliminal) of my family.

It’s been a philosophical time for me as we head into the Jewish High Holy days. My job requires utter patience and kindness, turning the other cheek often. I seek to be a good and kind person.

Stress is a common theme and I guess I unconsciously painted the three figures on the rock-me, husband, daughter. Crazy people but my crazy people. My rock(s).

Shana Tova to all who celebrate and stay safe.

The Kick-About #10 ‘Romantic Museum’

More wonders…this time inspired by Joseph Cornell.

Red's Kingdom

I don’t mind admitting I’ve spent a few moments dabbing my eye as I put this latest showcase of new work together in response to Joseph Cornell’s Romantic Museum! There’s a lot of love in the mix this week, with reflections on beloved relationships, time passing, and the making and keeping of memories. If the last Kick-About was a short ride in a fast machine, the Kick-About#10 is about the long ride we’re taking together.

James Randall

“My Romantic Museum; I guess my romance experience is a little ‘narrow’, having been married to the love of my life for thirty years, and perhaps it’s more of a timeline. Nice to get a theme that provokes thought/reflection.”

Kerfe Roig

“Cornell! Another treat. I wanted to do something on newspaper, but I couldn’t collage (my first choice) as my glue was packed. My needles and floss were not, however, and this…

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The pandemic and my unconscious mind

I’ve been doing these drawings starting with a swoop of a few blobs of paint with a large paintbrush.

My daughter doesn’t really pay much attention to my artwork. She looked at this one and said “this is our family”. Me, husband, daughter and daughter’s dog…I did not do this intentionally.

Where did this come from? The figures: a Keith Haring rip-off. The swoop I’ve been doing I copied from a TikTok artist (it is a lot of fun to do). But the content came purely from my unconscious mind. I’m sure of it.

There is so much terrifying stuff going on-not to me personally, but in the world, and everyone is affected. A generation of kids-especially the really young ones-are missing out on the beauty of going to school. Fires raging in our country and on the island of Lesbos, displacing thousands of people. I am pretty old but I wonder: will it be okay?

nineteen years (September 2020)

crisp clear sky–
leaves echo the wind
as time stops–

listen–ghostlight calls,
condensed into stars

blue light from the depths–
darkness emptying itself
into clarity

time stops once again–
leaves echo songs of the wind


My older daughter and I met at the farmer’s market last weekend, and sat on the Columbia campus afterwards drinking coffee and tea.  As we watched a monarch butterfly wandering above our heads, we remarked at the deep clear blueness of the sky.  It reminded us both of a September morning nineteen years ago.

Draw a Bird: 9/8/2020

Bluebird sitting on her nest.

Flamingo craning her neck.

Happy Draw a Bird day!