nineteen years (September 2020)

crisp clear sky–
leaves echo the wind
as time stops–

listen–ghostlight calls,
condensed into stars

blue light from the depths–
darkness emptying itself
into clarity

time stops once again–
leaves echo songs of the wind


My older daughter and I met at the farmer’s market last weekend, and sat on the Columbia campus afterwards drinking coffee and tea.  As we watched a monarch butterfly wandering above our heads, we remarked at the deep clear blueness of the sky.  It reminded us both of a September morning nineteen years ago.

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12 responses to “nineteen years (September 2020)”

  1. merrildsmith says :

    That day the sky was SO blue. I remember it well. A poignant reflection.
    (And I’m glad you got to meet with your daughter.)

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  2. D. Avery @shiftnshake says :

    Your work captures that day. The beautiful weather, the unbelievable events. It was so quiet where I was, all plane traffic stopped, most everyone gone home to family. I had the road to myself on my motorcycle as I wondered what next.

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  3. davisbrotherlylove says :

    Just beautiful Kerfe. I remember the clearness of the sky that day too. From across town it was just unbelievable. I thought everyone would remember the day Kennedy was shot; now it’s, “who’s Kennedy?” I’m in the what’s-next mood also.

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  4. robbiec9 says :

    Interesting Artwork and a wonderful sentiment.

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  5. memadtwo says :

    That is beautiful K. I’m glad we reconnected then. Hope you’re doing ok. N.


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