February 2021

are the days
moving on, circling
back, slipping
through?  or are
they giving up, slowing down,
following the un

seen astride
the invisible
of tidings reaching for shore
lines that aren’t there–echos of
places remembered,

from folds of pages–
not maps, but
sparkling against the stardust
of reflected nights–

between here
there and then not now
as omens—uncaught, eddied
by prevailing winds

For my February grid, another mandala. We are still mired in confusing times. Too many trees, not enough forest.

Sometimes a change of perspective can clarify, or at least calm the stormy seas.

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26 responses to “February 2021”

  1. ben Alexander says :

    Kerfe, what medium did you use to create this?


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  2. merrildsmith says :

    I love the circles and lines–moons and grids. It is a good metaphor, and there are lots of questions.

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  3. robbiesinspiration says :

    This is a great poem, Kerfe, I also have these same questions. I think the last word in the first stanza should be sun.

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    • D. Avery @shiftnshake says :

      I read that as attaching to “seen” in the next stanza, un-seen.

      This is a great poem and I, as always, love the art (visual) that goes with it. Are there notecards of your work available?

      Liked by 1 person

      • memadtwo says :

        You are correct, the un connects to the next stanza. Thanks for your kind words as always. I’ve never made notecards, but it’s an idea. I would give them away, not sell them though. It was a pain collecting sales taxes when I tried to sell my work, and I would not do it again. Maybe next year–too many uncertainties still in my life right now.

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    • memadtwo says :

      Thanks Robbie. D. was right, the un is supposed to connect to the seen in the next stanza. But sun would work as well. I think many of our questions are universal.


  4. Ingrid says :

    This collage is so soothing to look at: just what my mind needs right now!

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  5. Ken / rivrvlogr says :

    Those “un / seen” can take many forms. Time, tide, waves that pass-over/embrace us before moving on, their value in what they leave behind.

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  6. memadtwo says :

    Wow that is fantastic K. I may have to steal some elements lol. N.

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  7. calmkate says :

    I appreciate your perspective on the current turmoil, both your poem and art capture it well

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  8. judeitakali says :

    This is all so beautiful and mystical

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