Weekend Work 3/29/21

I think I’ll call this one Method To Madness or perhaps Inside a Brain. I’ve been using the slips of paper from the handmade paper Kerfe gave me. I don’t have much left. You have to pull it apart with tweezers to get the good sized slips out.

In this one I used clumps of the paper also:

The clumps became eyes and a mouth. A face seems to find its way into these a lot.

It is a very windy day here in NJ but signs of spring are everywhere. Lots of birds and daffodils making an appearance. We had a quiet Seder this past Saturday and honored my heritage by actually reading the short and elegant Seder we have, written in 1973 by a family friend Rabbi Alvin J. Reines. This Seder focuses on freedom and rebirth.

Have a good week! Nina

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15 responses to “Weekend Work 3/29/21”

  1. weisserwatercolours says :

    ….no one could ever accuse you of lacking imagination, Nina. It is w o n d e r f u l !


  2. memadtwo says :

    It does look like brainwaves! (K)

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    • memadtwo says :

      I want you to pick one of these for me to frame as a housewarming painting. Not that you need another artwork but you have to have one of these. They are all due to you and the paper you gifted me.


  3. Claudia McGill says :

    I agree, I see brain waves too. Flying out like sparks. It’s a very dynamic picture and it almost vibrates, which I think is a really good thing.


    • memadtwo says :

      I’m on a roll here, Claudia. I don’t know where these are coming from but I’m just rolling with it. Hoping the flame doesn’t burn out any time soon. This is some of my favorite work I’ve done which sounds braggy but you know what I mean. N. and thanks as always.

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  4. D. Wallace Peach says :

    Method to Madness fits! I love that. What an interesting piece, Nina. The more I look at it, the more I see. The tongue sticking out made me laugh. You and Kerfe and so wonderfully creative. Happy Spring!


  5. robertawrites235681907 says :

    I have noticed that faces creep into your work, Nina. I really like it and these are also fascinating pictures


  6. judeitakali says :

    Very evocative


  7. Melba Christie at Poemattic says :

    I think it captures what most people may be experiencing these days. I know I can relate to the “madness”. My friend, wherever these artful ideas are coming from does not matter. What matters is that you provided a venue for reaction. Keep doing these.


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