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I’ve been messing around with a few paintings but nothing is finished. I thought I’d post a few very old things done years ago. I used to do a lot of tissue paper on glass; I once did a window in my parents’ friends house. I wonder if it’s still there?

This is one of the oldest things I have. For context Johnson/Humphrey ran for office in 1964. That’s one of the signs on this wall in New York City. Also Hello Dolly was on Broadway.

Interesting to look back on these old pieces and I’m glad I still have them. Have a good week! Nina

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9 responses to “From The Archives”

  1. Claudia McGill says :

    I love seeing these. There is a wave of creativity that has been in you all your life, I can see it.


  2. memadtwo says :

    I love that stained glass Nina. I wonder if I have anything from 1964. Probably in storage if I do. (K)


  3. boundlessblessingsblog says :

    Wow they are fantastic paintings, Nina.


  4. melaniereynolds says :

    I think its nice to re-share older art or posts now and then. Why should they only get one chance to shine if they’re meaningful to you?!?! I like these! I would not think to try tissue paper on glass, but now that you’ve put the idea in my head, I might have to play with it. Did you seal the tissue onto the glass as a final step for longevity?


  5. robertawrites235681907 says :

    HI Nina, a lovely peep into your artistic past. I wish I still had pictures of my early fondant works.


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