Some Duds

I have a few of these paintings going at the same time. Here are a few that just never seemed to come together.

This has good colors but just never came together for me.

A landscape that just doesn’t cut it. I gave up on it a while ago.

Pieces from the proverbial cutting room floor. The previous three are sadly destined to be cut up and used elsewhere. Oh well, life goes on. Have a great week! Nina

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28 responses to “Some Duds”

  1. robbiesinspiration says :

    It is interesting for me to see what other people consider to be their art failures. I scrunch my fondant disasters up into a ball. I nearly always regret it afterwards.


  2. Catxman says :

    I have the same problem with my writing. I decide a work of fiction, that I’ve handwritten, isn’t good enough and I crumple it up and throw it out. But the problem with me is that there are GATEKEEPERS who keep stuff from being published, and I have to satisfy a gatekeeper. That’s what makes me throw out perfectly good stuff. You have no such excuse. Stay the course.


  3. Catxman says :

    By the way, your partner has been posting to my site. What’s his name? I know now you’re Nina.


  4. Catxman says :

    Never mind, it’s KERFE. I’ll remember that. (I just saw it on the screen above. Apologies for bothering you.)


  5. francoiscloutierart says :

    I believe every artist knows what is good and what is bad, but one should not rush to throw away anything… do like Renoir who thought that a painting should “aged” a year before deciding what to do with it, almost like a bottle of wine that you forget in a cave…! For me, the last two are the best, their bold structure, vibrant colours are appealing.


  6. Bela Johnson says :

    I lovelove the first one! 🤗


  7. Claudia McGill says :

    I would keep them a little while. Then, if they still give you that feeling of, this is just not enough, cut them apart as you were saying, for some other purpose. This happens to me a lot, that I hate pieces and I have to let them sit. I will say, though, that on the other hand pretty much all the time after they sit, I either rework them or throw them out (sometimes there is no point in chasing down a blind alley). I don’t usually come back and say, wow, I was so wrong about that piece. But, if I do this, at least I feel I gave them a try. Having said that, I like all three of these. On the other hand (I am now up to maybe what, three, four hands?) if other people say they like a piece I did that I don’t – well, that makes me feel better, but I still do my rehab on it or throw it out. It has to please me. Well, there’s my little philosophizing for today, thanks for listening…and also, I enjoyed this look into your work process, seeing pieces that you are on the fence about, and how you think about them.

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    • memadtwo says :

      Claudia, you are the best and very wise. I can never thank you enough for your kindness and support. I only posted these today because I had nothing else to show…I will give them a chance, ruminate, let them sit and not get down on myself. N.

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      • Claudia McGill says :

        I’ve been facing this issue myself recently. I’ve been doing a landscape class and each week doing a painting. One I like, the other 4 are variations on ok, maybe, and one was so bad I painted a new one over it. The ok ones are growing on me. I used to think they’re all bad. Time is helping them. Let’s see what happens this week!


  8. melaniereynolds says :

    My brain insists the title of this post is “Some Dudes” because I do not see any of these as duds. 🙂

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  9. David Linebarger says :

    Your duds have something in them. Sometimes it’s best to hold on. Sometimes it’s best let go. That said, my favorite key on the computer is the delete button.


  10. memadtwo says :

    Nina, I’m in agreement with letting them sit for awhile. Like Bela, I especially like the first one. Of course I sometimes purposefully paint something to cut it up and put it together with something else, so that’s always a good solution if you really end up unhappy with it. But things often look different after you last them sit. (K)


  11. Dave Whatt says :

    I like your duds M2M!…


  12. purehaiku says :

    I find it fascinating that these paintings didn’t work for you – I thought they were really interesting! But I do know what you mean – some of my watercolours just don’t look right even though my soulmate thinks they’re good – and he’s not just being nice, he is very critical of my work!!! I wonder where the cut up pieces will end up…!


    • memadtwo says :

      A lot of times the cut up stuff works really well. I.e., the little monster I posted on Monday was cut out of the first one here and I like it a lot better. N.


  13. D. Wallace Peach says :

    These are duds? Lol. It’s so interesting to see the ways artists view their art. Happy Creating, Nina.


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