October 2021

fallen leaves
the crunch of footsteps
clear blue sky

reflecting the rain
changeable skywind spatters
colors patterned light

full moon of autumn appears
leaves too soon amidst hopes of endless harvest
fragments linger, gold glittering

stars remember every invisible map
imprinted on the approaching dark

earth saturated with bonfires and bones

Two haiku and a sevenling for October and Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday theme, suggested by Franci Hoffman, the harvest moon. The photos are of September’s full moon traveling across the southern sky outside my window. In the first one, it’s half reflected on the window pane.

The artwork is the first page, front and back, of a handmade paper journal I bought on Etsy. I bought three, one each for myself and my sisters-in-law, as we all have great intentions to do art journals–and hopefully this will get us going. I painted the page, and stitched over the front with a technique I’ve been wanting to try. Since the color bled through the paper, I did a small autumn grid on the back.

Happy October!

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32 responses to “October 2021”

  1. Colleen M. Chesebro says :

    Kerfe, your artwork is stunning! I love the “hues” of autumn and the stitching reminds me of how the seasons bind us to the earth and her ever-changing seasons. We had clouds and rain during the harvest moon, so I enjoyed seeing your pictorial display and reading your poetry. ❤

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  2. msjadeli says :

    Good to know:
    “stars remember every invisible map
    imprinted on the approaching dark

    When I connect the above with your rainbow paper and connecting threads, it feels somehow reassuring. In order for the stars to remember, it means that we got through. Also the way the colors of the paper “rise up” into the threads that may at first seem chaotic and haphazard and join into community and a “safety net” is reassuring. Even the dark night passes as evidenced by the moon. Wonderful and evocative art, Kerfe.

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  3. philgomm says :

    Loving the colour and the texture and the tactility!

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  4. Ingrid says :

    Thank you for reminding me that there is joy to be found in October: a difficult month for me, but it does have these bright moments!

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  5. merrildsmith says :

    I love the artwork and the poems–fall colors and moons, it’s hard to top that. I especially like the top photo and poem.

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  6. davisbrotherlylove says :

    Hi Kerfe, I like the colorful netting integrated with the underlying patches. It literally captures and integrates the work. Another statement could be made by using the thread to stitch through the patches.

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  7. neil reid says :

    Much to appreciate. Colors, yes. And the photography has both an experimental and playful quality. Instructive. Thanks.

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  8. boundlessblessingsblog says :

    The hues of autumn were superb, Marta and loved the two Haikus. They were apt with all your artwork so well done.

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  9. ben Alexander says :

    Very beautiful… is it just me, or does the yarn look a bit like a subway map?


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  10. D. Wallace Peach says :

    A beautiful and poetic tribute to autumn and the harvest moon, Kerfe. ❤ ❤

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  11. robertawrites235681907 says :

    These poems and picture are really lovely, Kerfe. I hope you have a good weekend.


  12. judeitakali says :

    You have such unique heart with so much personality. 💜

    Liked by 1 person

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