Weekend Work 2/28/2022

Couple of things from this weekend. This one was made with a piece of the handmade paper Kerfe gave me, with three figures cut out of another painting. It’s different for me. Just go with it, I say.

My husband is still not feeling 100%. We just took a walk on a brisk sunny day here in NJ and he felt winded. Covid is no joke. This painting reflects my dreams which have been weird but not that scary.

Hoping for the best and for spring!

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6 responses to “Weekend Work 2/28/2022”

  1. msjadeli says :

    The top one reminds me of a religious icon or medallion (sorry I don’t know the terminology) and holds the eye. The 2nd one has such good flow as my eyes travel around it. The dark/open spaces work well.

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  2. memadtwo says :

    I thought the same thing. And I like going in with black when all else fails.


  3. memadtwo says :

    These are great Nina. That second one is exactly like a dream. And the first one is like a magic charm.

    I’m glad you got Howard out for a walk. Slow steps. (K)


  4. Claudia McGill says :

    I’m glad your husband is improving. What a good thing to hear. I love the first one for its look of being a brooch or is it broach, I mean the jewelry. And the second is surely a good dream.


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