Drawing a horse

A policeman and his horse on Garrett Mountain overlooking Paterson, NJ. I used to draw a lot of horses as a kid. I even painted a life sized one on the Nature Shack at Camp Nah-Jee-Wah where I was a camper and then a counselor…back in the day.

My husband continues his battle with Covid. We have oxygen in the house which helps. He has fallen a few times, badly. He’s on a blood thinner which makes things worse i.e. a huge hematoma on his left side and a swollen left hand from his fall on Friday. He still has a good attitude but it’s been a long haul. (The doctors don’t call it long haul Covid yet as it’s only been three months).

Have a good week!

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25 responses to “Drawing a horse”

  1. ben Alexander says :

    nice horse, Nina – sorry to hear of your husband’s continued travails…



  2. memadtwo says :

    I like the dignity of both horse and rider. (K)


  3. Leonie Andrews says :

    As a fellow horse-draw-er from a young age I love your noble steed. Sending best wishes for your husband’s full recovery. It is a long row to hoe.


  4. Claudia McGill says :

    I loved horses as a child, no idea why, I didn’t know any. ! I’ve always liked seeing a horse and rider working together. I hope your husband will regain health and strength and I am thinking of both of you.


  5. SelmaMartin says :

    Elegant drawing. I love it. Sorry to hear about your husband. I send him healing graces and blessings to you as well. Thinking of you. 💗


  6. D. Wallace Peach says :

    So sorry to hear about your husband’s struggle with covid, Nina. I hope he improves soon. And thanks for sharing your art – I hope it helps to be creative when there’s so much stress.


  7. Ingrid says :

    I hope your husband gets better soon 🙏


  8. Priti says :

    Beautiful drawing! Hope your husband will get well soon.


  9. Laura Bloomsbury says :

    a long haul indeed and keeping everything reined in just to be able to carry on (in this context the mounted police horse is so pertinent) – am genuinely sorry to read about the struggles you and your husband are having.


  10. Solitaire says :

    Sorry to hear about your husband… a beautiful horse.🙏


  11. robbiesinspiration says :

    Hi Nina, I am so sorry your husband is still struggling to recover from Covid. My whole family got it about three weeks ago and it hasn’t been a barrel of fun at all. I am still tiring during the day and coughing but nothing like your have described. Hugs.


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