The Kick-About #51 ‘Maria Prymachenko’

This week the Kick-About considers the work of Ukrainian artist Maria Prymachenko.

Red's Kingdom

Following the linear, pared-back abstractions of our last Kick-About together, the folk art of Ukrainian artist Maria Prymachenko inspires our fifty-first showcase of new works made in a short time. Art, and the making of it, allows us welcome respite from what is dispiriting about world events and our feelings of powerlessness in the face of them. That said, art, and the making of it, also allows us the opportunity to say something about those same world events, and in so doing, feel a little less numbed, a little less muted.

Vanessa Clegg

“An instinctive reaction to the prompt..not overthinking just doing and ending
up with a kind of children’s illustration with a political edge.”
Coloured crayon on paper. 25cm X 42cm.

Colin Bean

“Print them out and colour in your very own folk art postcards. I used google to translate the English titles into Ukrainian, so apologies for…

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10 responses to “The Kick-About #51 ‘Maria Prymachenko’”

  1. philgomm says :

    Many thanks, Kerfe!

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  2. Ingrid says :

    I enjoyed these responses Kerfe!

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  3. boundlessblessingsblog says :

    Too good Marta. Lovely painting.

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  4. robertawrites235681907 says :

    I love your creations, Kerfe. They are vivid and imaginative.

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