Passaic Falls, Paterson, NJ

This was fun to paint-so much so that I painted the same scene twice. I couldn’t decide which one I liked better.

The second one is a little more refined but the first one has more spontaneity and the falls look better. These are both acrylic painted on boards. It’s a nice change after painting on paper.

Another small board. The fish is cut out from something else.

It’s hard to believe summer is coming to an end. It’s been a good summer as I got to swim and to see my husband starting to heal and get back to himself.

Have a good week. Nina

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24 responses to “Passaic Falls, Paterson, NJ”

  1. SelmaMartin says :

    I like them both. You do amazing work, N. XoXo


  2. Colleen Chesebro: WordCraftPoetry says :

    Lovely paintings, and like you, I love them both. I’m happy to hear your husband is on the mend. ❤️


  3. neil reid says :

    First, I hope folks do go website (not email) and even full-size image to really see what’s offered here. Yea, more full, closer to looking over your shoulder. OK, dilemma, but only little bit. Here’s the difference I see looking and looking twice. First version has more color by a lot. Second, more impact, more resolution perhaps. That includes the waterfall. Though I think the river(?) water in second is more effective. Hard to choose, I agree. So… enjoy both. (tho honestly, I like color)

    Been looking at lots of water recently. Funny, but of the fish, well, I like the water there Nina, best of all.


    • memadtwo says :

      Wow, what a thoughtful comment. The water is better on the second one! And I agree, looking at a postage stamp size painting is not ideal. I will look at these at work later. Thank you for stopping by and for your insightful comments. N.


  4. Gale Halpern says :

    Nina– I like both versions. I see #1 as a moonlit scene; #2 as in sunlight. Hard to choose a preference. (But then … I’m a Libra!) So glad to hear that Howie is doing better. xo


  5. memadtwo says :

    Sherry mentioned Paterson I her earthweal prompt this week. I like the contrast of feeling–day and night. And you know I love that fish. K.


  6. Claudia McGill says :

    I like the idea of the same place but different moods. The truth is in both these paintings. I enjoyed comparing and having more than one experience of the scene. Also, glad your husband has made such strides.


  7. Sun Hesper Jansen says :

    These are all great, especially the falls. I’m glad you posted them both! I don’t do a lot of visual art but I often wish I could just lift the parts I think work and seamlessly merge them. We can do that here with our minds’ eyes. 🙂


  8. msjadeli says :

    Nina, I saw that place in the movie, “Paterson” and thought it was magical then. Seeing you paint it makes it that much more delightful.


  9. robertawrites235681907 says :

    HI Nina, I like them both, different but the same.


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