The Kick-About #63 ‘Vilhelm Hammershøi’

Some explorations of light and space.

Red's Kingdom

Our last Kick-About together was inspired by continual movement and the accompanying changes of scale and perspective. This week’s showcase of new works made in a short time is, by contrast, a mediation on silence and stillness, as we explore together the hushed, pensive environs that feature in the paintings of Vilhelm Hammershøi.

Graeme Daly

“Hammershøi’s paintings feel so breathy and poetic, like you are peeking into the lives of the mysterious figures. I can’t help but think of a Victorian doll house with all its little furniture placed exactly as the collector envisions. I was initially inspired by the gorgeous light throughout Hammershøi’s paintings and awoke at the crack of dawn to capture the sun as it pooled in through the shutters and windows where the light licked the walls, doors and wooden furniture. I decided at the last minute to perch myself in areas that could resemble the…

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3 responses to “The Kick-About #63 ‘Vilhelm Hammershøi’”

  1. Aletha Kuschan says :

    Love the house-in-a-box, Kerfe. Inspiring. I have been thinking a lot about rooms in a house. Maybe I should make the rooms I am imagining. You’ve shown a way to do it.

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    • memadtwo says :

      This is kind of like one of the houses I visit in my dreams. I envisioned it as being more booklike, but Phil was exactly right when he compared it to a stage set. It’s made me rethink how to incorporate the text.

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