The Kick-About #64 ‘Soundsuits’

Explorations inspired by Nick Cave (the artist, not the musician) and his Soundsuits–although the musician is pretty inspiring too. Perhaps for a future Kick-About.

Red's Kingdom

If our last Kick-About together was characterised by muted tones and pensive atmospheres, this latest showcase of new works made in a short time is a celebration of colour, movement, costume and dynamism – and how could it not be, inspired as we have been by the artist Nick Cave and his sumptuous soundsuits? In other news, a warm welcome to artist and animator, Claire-Beth Gibson, who joins us this week for her inaugural run-about.

Claire-Beth Gibson

“The sound suit with the spinning tops made me think of the clackety-clackety noise of the whirly spinner I had as a kid. It smelled of old metal and played a strange song. Starting out with so much enthusiasm, it would spin gloriously for a short while and then gradually teeter more and more as it slowed down, before a final wobble into its death fall, spinning on its side and rolling…

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10 responses to “The Kick-About #64 ‘Soundsuits’”

  1. philgomm says :

    Cheers Kerfe X

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  2. Aletha Kuschan says :

    What an intriguing prompt. The circles were especially fine, as was the poem.

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  3. sunhesper says :

    Oh wow, did you nail the spirit of his work!! I was lucky to have worked at the university when he was an artist-in-residence here in 2012. One of the true visionaries of our time. (And yes, I also love the other Nick Cave!)

    Liked by 1 person

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