A couple of paintings to start off the weekend.

I’ve been glueing the rough paper onto a board. It feels more secure that way.

This is the Hope Springs Eternal before I messed with it.

My daughter decorated. Here are some views. All the macabre items are from our (weird) collections.

The weather is lovely here in Northern New Jersey. Lots of leaves to rake and many acorns: have a great weekend. Nina

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17 responses to “Friday10/20/2022”

  1. Colleen M. Chesebro says :

    It’s all stunning, Nina. Take care. 💜


  2. neil reid says :

    Alright Nina, my curiosity is up, for all of this. Colors that show no fear. And especially I like that “eruption” of flowers, like from a flower-volcano. You make color seem so natural, side by side. Then (not so much weird) as appropriate for the season now. I like the gathering. Thanks for sharing all this.


    • memadtwo says :

      I’ve always just loved color and working in gouache it’s easy to mix color variations. The paintings have a lot of layers.
      I’m definitely on a roll with this recent work and I thank you for your kind comments. N.


  3. D. Wallace Peach says :

    Beautiful paintings, Nina. I love your creativity and colors. And enjoy the good weather. We just started our rainy season, which will last until June.


  4. Liz Gauffreau says :

    I find the second painting particularly appealing. It think it’s the colors.


  5. Teagan Riordain Geneviene says :

    I love the happy colors. The Halloween decorations are cool too. Hugs on the wing.


  6. robertawrites235681907 says :

    A great post, Nina. Thanks for sharing.


  7. sunhesper says :

    I love that floral painting; in color and movement it’s a perfect match for the swirl of bright leaves outside… We’ve had a great crop of acorns too; the oaks are ready for a resurgence! Also your weird collection is excellent—everyone should have one. 🙂


  8. boundlessblessingsblog says :

    Very nice and lovely paintings Nina. Great post.


  9. memadtwo says :

    I really like those flowery forms.especially the viney parts. (K)


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