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7/17/18 summer is flying

I had a chance to start a new sketchbook. I drew one of the pieces from my cousin’s collection.

Some kind of cute spider that my friend’s son found in the woods.

My friend Kathe gave me this snakeskin. It is complete i.e not just a piece of it. She saw the snake eating a fish and a minute later there was just this skin.

Me up at Lake Hopatcong. Cheers!

Invocation of the Trees

wishes s

Have mercy on us
we who are poor in spirit
we who are never satisfied
we who strive to possess everything

We who are poor in spirit
bless us and teach us
we who strive to possess everything
fill us as vessels with the breath of stars

Bless us and teach us
cleanse and heal our weary hearts
fill us as vessels with the breath of stars
attach our roots with grace and truth

Cleanse and heal our weary hearts
quench our hunger with light
attach our roots with grace and truth
you who honor both heavens and earth

Quench our hunger with light
we who are never satisfied
you who honor both heavens and earth
have mercy on us

Another pantoum, for Sue Vincent’s photo prompt, above.  It seems a good form for call and response.

wishes close up s

The trees have been talking quite a bit lately, with a background of running commentary from the birds.

A Beautiful Collection

I visited my cousin yesterday and with her permission photographed some of their art. Then I asked if she minded if I posted it on the blog. My cousin and her husband have travelled extensively and their collection is astonishing. The first image is made of small glass pieces. Even the hair and eyebrows are glass.

I didn’t get the names of the artists and I’m sorry for that. They offered to find their list but I was already being overbearing. This couple is all handmade clay, fired and painted. It has a real impact when you stand in front of it. All these pieces are quite large.

Hard to see that this is layered and etched glass.

Some comic relief.

This one knocked my socks off. Probably six feet tall and very imposing yet soothing.

This was by a student of Robert Arneson. The bowl holds faces of this artist’s teachers. There’s also a face on the back.

They have a lot of great painting too. This is a closeup of one I wanted to tear off the wall.

I hope you enjoyed the brief tour. There was so much more but these were some of my favorites. Have an A-1 day!


wheel of fortune 1s

I draw the Wheel of Fortune. My seasons are indeed turning.  I open maps, searching for a solid place to land.  Dazzled by paths that keep shifting, I am transported with a velocity that blurs the threads that have held me in the landscape my feet have raveled in the circles of my years.  The unknown spills across my limitations, beyond the boundaries traced by time.

Randomness and change
growing wings in transcendence–
radiant shadows

wheel of fortune 1 close up s
A haibun for Colleen’s #Poetry Challenge #92, using synonyms for bewitch and treasure.



like water falling s

Like water
falling—running and
awakening and reaching,
encircled in green.

In flowers
dreaming—lost inside,
on the edge
of rebirthing the crossing–
like water, falling.

For Sue Vincent’s photo prompt, above.  The poem started out as a pantoum, but decided instead to be a shadorma.  The art was in a pile of not-sure-what-to-do-with-it work–it’s a watercolor monoprint on rice paper off something else I was working on that had too much paint. It seemed to fit the prompt.

I think there’s a pair of wings in there somewhere too.

And I want to also celebrate the fact that July is #WorldWatercolorMonth, “31 days when artists around the globe come together to paint the world with beautiful watercolor and help raise awareness for arts education to get art supplies for kids who need them via The Dreaming Zebra Foundation”, hosted by Charlie at Doodlewash.


Painting over the weekend

I was itching to paint this weekend. I realized there was a good spot in my husband’s “office” so I plunked myself down in there. Nice light in there.

This one started as a drawing on canvas paper (part of Kerfe’s Christmas gift). Being a landscape I had to go in with watercolor and gouache. Felt good to be painting!

Eye of Horus (The Visible and Invisible are Dependent on the Light)

horus a

One eye the moon
eye of time
one eye the sun
winged eye

Eye of time
marking the minutes
winged eye
still above the sky

Marking the minutes
fierce ascending
still above the sky
soundless and waiting

Fierce ascending
 flaming through clouds
soundless and waiting

Flaming through clouds
one eye the sun
one eye the moon

falcon flight s

I’ve been missing Draw-a-Bird Day, but this month I wanted to make sure I participated.  Still in mandala mode, I decided to do Horus, the Egyptian falcon sky god.  I like the fact that one of his eyes represents the sun, and one the moon. You may be familiar with the Eye of Horus amulet, which offers protection and insight.

horus close up s

The falcon is a universal symbol of visionary power and focus.

hawk in flight s

Once again, a pantoum.






A sketch from a Facebook photo my cousin posted of him and his family.

I intend to paint it in but can’t find my brushes. Things are a bit disorganized here but maybe some progress.

I better not post the photo without my cousin’s permission.

I am seeking the sea

seeking the sea comp

Cast and reflected,
pulled by stars in evensong–
enchanted mirror.

Sounds fall unlettered, unversed,
in silence gilding the sky.

seeking the sea f close up s

For Colleen’s #Tanka Tuesday with synonyms for magic and green.

seeking the sea back close up s

I’ve been embroidering this watercolor mandala for weeks, and even now I’m not sure I’m finished.  I like both the front and the back.



july 4 mandala s

Lights explode
like flowers—showers
of color
hiding stars
behind a rainstorm of fire.
Heat shatters silence—

it ripples
like stones entering
black water,
itself at last on the shores
of the breaking day.

july 4 mandala close up s

This 4th of July 2018 I invite our President and members of Congress, and the justices of the Supreme Court, to actually read and consider the words inscribed on our Statue of Liberty.

The New Colossus

Emma Lazarus, 18491887

Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.
“Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”


Have a great 4th!