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Beach I Ching 17: #58 Tui (opening)

#58 tui (opening)

light shimmers, exchanging waves between lake and sky
sky dances and calls spirit into the circle
the circle regulates the transforming rhythm of life
life gathers, flowing freely to reveal the truth

truth speaks clearly, stripping away the layered lies
lies pollute the conduits of reciprocity, erode trust
trust opens the way and brings people together
together magnifies all voices, singing them into light

“Be content with what you have.”–Kim Farnell
“You foster trust, and make mutual enrichment possible, by opening up your inner space to exchange.”–Hilary Barrett
“Spread the word, express the spirit in the human community.”–
“Realize that you do not need to, and indeed cannot, improve on creation.”–Frits Blok

The quotes are from different commentaries on this hexagram.

The poem is once again in the bagua form: 8 lines with 8 words in each line.

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Beach I Ching 16: #43 Guai

#43 Guai Resolute

Will life spill over, fall from the heavens,
cascading down below, overflowing its limits, breaking through?
How to become the ritual that includes, gathers,
distributes everything as if it belonged to all.

Spirit dancing on currents, following the vibrating lines
of a delicate web, through portals, ancient stories
that talk of roots, the branches of trees
keeping the world order balanced and growing—true.

Everyone is born with the ability to make a choice.

You cannot stop the spread of lies by spreading more lies.

Fear stalks its own reflection.

The call of truth involves danger.

A compromise with evil is not possible.

Move at the abiding center of things and you never go astray.
–David Hinton

I started my Beach I Ching series the first year Nina and I began our blog, 2014, when I was photographing the things I had collected on the beach and noticed they formed hexagrams. I did a lot of them the first two years and then they fell by the wayside. But each trip to the beach I photographed more. One of my intentions for the past two years is to get back to doing them.

In Guai the water is above, the heavens below. It is a time when renewal is possible, a breakthrough. But it is a mistake to go about this cleansing in a negative way. And remember to be generous, and share the bounty. Be resolute and persevere.

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The poem is in the Bagua form, which consists of 8 lines of 8 words each, divided into 2 stanzas.

Beach I Ching 15

30 fire comp

#30  Li  Fire

fire with fire–
intersections of endings–
beginning to rise

I was amazed to see that it’s been almost a year since my last Beach I Ching post.  I’ve been working on this one for awhile, though.  The symbol of fire has shown up a lot for me this year.  Li is a doubling of fire, reflecting its dual nature of creation and destruction.  This hexagram is also called Radiance, Clarity, Sun, Transformation–it has many manifestations.  The Chinese characters are also sometimes said to resemble a bird captured in a net.

firebird s

“Do not think at the moments when you see no light that there is no light at all.”
–Fritz Blok

“It is good to see what you have lost and mourn it, to let grief flow, like time.”

“Take what is important and let the rest go.”

Collage with painted bird, photo of objects collected on the beach, and another shadorma for Shadorma November.

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Beach I Ching 14


#21 Shih Ho    Justice

the search for truth
insisting on fairness
develop balance in all things

in proportion
everything connected
conscious awareness in circles

cutting out illusions
exposing the center of truth
the heart

alert mindful
truth and integrity
actions lead to consequences

looking deeply
wisdom decides action
everything is connected

thunder lightning
destruction and cleansing
rise up and cast out negatives

breathing growing
keep making connections
use power for the good of all

the quest for truth
stop speaking and listen
light revealing unobstructed

The truth
eyes open light shining
seeing through illusion and lies

I’ve been considering this hexagram since August.  The classical name for it is “Biting Through”, and the classical interpretations are all about punishment.  But the words “justice” and “truth” kept popping up as I searched through different translations and commentaries, and I think those words are closer to the spirit of the lines.

“The Quotable I Ching” actually called it Justice in one of its posts, suggesting that a look at the tarot card Justice would also provide insight.  And it did.

The cinquain cycle is a compilation of ideas from the various commentaries on Shih Ho that I read though and thought about as I looked at the hexagram.  As seems to be always the case, its wisdom is needed in the time and place the world is inhabiting right now.

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Beach I Ching 13

#38 opposition comp
#38 K’uei  Opposition

There is really no “us and them”–it’s all “us”.
–The Quotable I Ching

“The reverse side also has a reverse side.”
–Japanese proverb

diverging parts
dance of opposites
each becomes the other
the small looms large balancing
blinding light with silent singing
reconciliation in wonder

opposition close up 1s

It’s been quite awhile since my last Beach I Ching–last December in fact.  I took more photos at the beach this year, but I haven’t even gotten to the ones I took in 2015.  Still working on the arrangements from two years ago.

But they always seem to hit the spot.  Plenty of opposition to go around in the world right now.  K’uei is a good meditation for these times.

opposition close up 2s

The poem uses the Secret Keeper’s prompt words from this week

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Beach I Ching 12

#61 comp

#61 Chung Fu Inner Truth

“It’s the space at the center that creates the potential.”

“Sing the song that is the essence of your life, others will respond and harmonise.”

“Keep things straight, honest and simple.  No secrets.”

“Keep the evolving process of creation open.”

“Inhale.  Exhale.
Follow your own rhythm.”

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve visited my Beach I Ching photos.  Every time I do, they seem to have something valuable to say about where I am in the world, though.  I definitely needed this one.

“Trust in the universe even when there seems no particular reason to do so.”

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Beach I Ching 11

                #42 Yi       Blessing, Increase

#42 Yi
Blessing, Increase

Wilhelm calls this hexagram “the fundamental idea of I Ching.”

“If he sees good, he imitates it;
If he has faults, he rids himself of them.”

“Do not be selfish with your good fortune.  Spread your wealth.  When you are generous to others you are being generous to yourself as well.”  (

“A kind heart does not make demands or ask for recognition.”  (

This is a joyful hexagram of inspiration and abundance.  But, as cautions:  “Hexagram 42 shows the need to be generous with the abundance we have been able to collect.”

Wilhelm again:
“To rule truly is to serve.”
“Increase of what is below at the cost of what is above is out-and-out increase, because it benefits the whole people.”

…Congress?  Anyone in charge out there listening…?

i ching 11 #42 s

I still have beach i chings from 2014 left to complete, but I did do a new set of photos this year at the beach.  They are very different in both shells used and feel.  At first look, I’m not as happy with them, but we’ll see what happens when it comes time to really examine and explore them.

In the meantime, I’m off for a long weekend of family visiting.  Back next week.

Beach I Ching 10

             #37 Chia Jen     The Family/Community

#37 Chia Jen
The Family/Community

Also:  The Clan/Dwelling People/Identity/Foundation/The Psyche

“A solid life must have a strong foundation composed of truth and balance–balance between forceful action and gentle intuition.”
(Thom Williams)

“To fully understand your position, you must first understand yourself, and the whole of which your role is but a part.”  (

“Be inspired to be aware that the family you create or are part of has an effect on the larger culture.  Knowing how to behave in the smaller environment is important to knowing how to act within a larger context.”  (

“When the receptive qualities maintain their receptivity and nourish what is received, and when the active and expressive continues to create, there will be harmony.”  (

beach i ching 10 comp

I had trouble with the traditional patriarchal rendering of the family in all the classic translations of Chia Jen.  Modern commentary seems to echo my uneasiness, and they tend to speak not of husbands and wives, or rulers and subjects, but of the contributions of all needed to make families and communities whole.

I did this random I Ching arrangement with my shells 3 times:  balance, balance, balance.  Every line is in its proper place.  Always elusive, but something to strive for.

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Beach I Ching 9


              #47 K'un    Oppression (Exhaustion)

#47 K’un
Oppression (Exhaustion)

Also:  Boxed-In/Confined/Reaching One’s Limit/Distress/Out of Darkness/The Shadow

“The oppressiveness of Doubt exhausts our inner resources.” (Anthony)

“You feel the exhausting futility of life.” (Williams)

fist s

“Keep in mind that failure…is but one part of the inevitable cycle of life for those who dare to live fully and completely.” (

“We are all rooted in abysses and grow into the world.” (

“The answer lies beyond the realm of reason and logic.” (DeKorne)

47 center s

“When you go inward, you find something limitless and quite independent of human plans and changes, that doesn’t ask you to make sense of it.” (

“Your only chance for peace is to live life the way you want to….what you believe, you will be.” (Williams)

“Let us be inspired and ultimately accept and integrate what we encounter….inhaling, exhaling.” (

rainbow s

“The best thing about hitting rock bottom is that there is only one way to go.” (

“To endure hard times….it is essential…to tab that wellspring of human endurance:  hope.” (

i ching 9s #47

#47 in the I Ching inspires the most complex and varied interpretations that I’ve seen so far.

Sometimes there’s a drought:  the world lies heavy upon us.  It’s easy to get stuck in that place.

As we approach a new year, we long to do it hopefully, optimistically, gladly.

I’m amazed at how often the Beach I Ching I’m doing seems to be tuned into my state of mind at that particular time.  The words of commentary on “Oppression” give much to consider as I look towards 2015.

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Beach I Ching 8

 #1 Ch'ien The Creative

#1 Ch’ien
The Creative

“The way of The Creative works through change and transformation.”  (Wilhelm)

“Creation, development, fruition, consummation, the successive movements of the four seasons, all are carried out by one strength…”  (

1 the creative s

“each step…becomes a preparation for the next.  Time is no longer a hindrance but the means for making actual what is potential.”  (Wilhelm)