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8 Year Blogiversary

Kerfe and I became friends in the 1970’s. We were both living in the city, me in Chelsea and Kerfe on the Upper West Side. We were both working for Fairtex Mills, a textile company that did patterned polyester and striped knits. I was a colorist, doing different color ways on, say, a floral fabric destined to be a dress. Kerfe was a stripe and various graphed design (think Fairisle) genius. We hit it off, having things in common such as going to University of Cincinnati and loving art and design. Fun fact: I ate my first sushi with Kerfe in 1974 or so.

We intermittently stayed in touch. After 9/11 we reconnected more strongly. Kerfe thought blogging our art could get us going again. Kerfe is a lot more productive than I am-that’s not hyping her up, it’s just the truth. I’m a lazy and tired poster; when I look back and see what K. created, both volume and quality, I see that her idea worked. And I have done a considerable amount of art work over the four years.

Three of the many pandemic paintings and a very old sketch of my mother. The blog has given me the opportunity to keep a record of what I’m doing. Corny and kind of pretentious to say that art is my truth.

Of course I have to post my rocks; they kept me sane during the pandemic. There are still some around the neighborhood. That was a lot of fun.

Lest I ramble on too long, I’d really like to thank everyone in the community. Your support during these trying months of my husband’s illness has meant so much to me. You know who you are. And my dear friend Kerfe, with whom I’ve grown elderly, thanks for your idea. You’ve always been an advanced thinker. Hats off to us both and to a great eight years!