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Poetry for Ukraine

My poem “Stop War” is included in this international collection of poetry, just published.

From award-winning multi-published poet laureates, to emerging poets exploring words for the very first time; from university professors, actors, psychologists, artists and journalists, to students, domestic workers, librarians, teachers and care-workers; from high-schoolers, to the over eighties, POETRY FOR UKRAINE brings together an incredible 254 poets from 53 countries around the world, all showing their support for Ukraine!

Please consider buying a copy or two  (they’ll make wonderful gifts); not only do you get over 300 pages of amazing poetry from around the world, all profits from this publication will go to the Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund; we will donate to the Fund monthly after we receive monthly sales statements from Amazon.

I’m proud to be included in this worldwide fundraising effort. You can read more about it, and see a list of poets and their countries, here.

St Agnes Branch NYPL (Thursday Doors)

a book of luminous things–
the sun and the moon,
the beautiful things that heaven bears

St Agnes is now my local library branch. I’ve been going there for years, though, because once a month, pre-pandemic, they had a booksale in their basement with thousands of books, CDs, DVDs, and paper ephemera donated by patrons. I’m anxiously awaiting its return, not only as a source for books to read, but for inexpensive reference books for my collages.

I decided to do a book spine poem in tribute–the top two books are books I’m currently reading, and the bottom one is one I’ve already read, all courtesy of sales from years past. All highly recommended.

Here’s the well-worn and welcoming front door. There’s a ramp on the left side for strollers or wheelchairs, and an elevator inside, making the books wheelchair-accessible. I was so happy when it reopened at the end of last summer.

The library originally housed the NYPL Library for the Blind, which has since moved to 25th Street. The building was designed by architectural firm Babb, Cook & Willard for the West End Club, taken over by a bicycling group, the Century Wheelmen Club, and acquired by the city in 1905 when Andrew Carnegie donated over 5 million dollars to establish free libraries in NYC. The original book collection was housed in space owned by the St. Agnes Chapel on West 91st Street, and, having outgrown itself, was sold to the city in 1901 for one dollar.

You can read a more complete history, and see more photos, here.

My mother was a librarian, so books have always had an important place in my life. Libraries are truly a gift we should support and cherish, a world of knowledge open to everyone.

And see more Thursday Doors, hosted by Dan Antion, here.

The Anthropocene Hymnal

The Anthropocene Hymnal: Songs of a self-defining era by [Ingrid Wilson]

I’m pleased to be part of Ingrid Wilson’s project, The Anthropocene Hymnal: Songs of a self-defining era, “A poetic response to the joint crises of climate change and biodiversity loss. Featuring the work of internationally-renowned and bestselling poets including Gabriela Marie Milton, Ivor Steven and Sherry Marr. Voices from five continents join in song to protest the damage we are doing to our only home, planet earth: these ‘songs of a self-defining era’ are the poems which comprise The Anthropocene Hymnal”.

Some of my poems are included, and that’s my collage on the cover.

Available on Amazon in both print and kindle versions, and read Ingrid’s post for information on obtaining a PDF copy. All profits will be donated to the WWF.

The Ekphrastic World Anthology 2020


I have 3 pieces in The Ekphrastic Review Anthology.

Here it is, at last! Our first anthology!

Download your free copy here!

Our goal is to make The Ekphrastic Review and this ebook anthology of talent go viral. Will you help? Please share this free book with your holiday list, on your Facebook pages, on Twitter, Youtube, in your writing groups, with your students, on your website, everywhere! 

This anthology celebrates five years of The Ekphrastic Review. Thank you to all of our writers and readers for making this amazing journal and community possible!

Stories from My Life

Last year my daughter gave me a subscription to This company sends prompts for a year; you write your stories and save them. I enjoy writing and this gave me a reason.

It’s a nice book and writing the stories was fun.

Mom’s page.

Dad’s page.

The story about my Martin guitar and a photo of my friend Deborah and me. We had a duo and played at children’s parties.

A clipping from the Paterson Morning Call. My father had my sister and me save a box of snow. In July we took it out and Dad creates one of his famous PR moments. Funny!

One of the pivotal moments of my life: JFK’s assassination. I was a sophomore in high school sitting in art class when the announcement came.

Although I don’t think my daughter has even glanced at the book, I’m glad I did it. A good deal for $39, check it out at

Alphabet book

I’m making an alphabet book for my cousin’s baby due pretty soon. My cousin is a big Star Wars fan so that’s the theme. 

It’s pretty easy but I think he will like it. 

  Couple of other pages done. 

Some of the Star Wars stuff. I got the Star Wars alphabet from Etsy and made a color copy to cut up. I’ll give Evan and Ashley the original. It’s very cute. 

A fun project!